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08/09/09 01:08 PM #18    

David Hoffman

Hay,whats the deal with any known pre reunion (Fri.8/14)get together around town. We that are coming in from out of town would like to maximize our opportunities to see and reminisce with others. I would not be against having a adult beverage and shoot'in the breeze some were. Let's see what people are up for.

08/10/09 06:29 AM #19    

Diane Stoopes (Harrison)

Count me in!!!! I know I will be thirsty after driving 1,500 miles!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!

08/11/09 08:42 PM #20    

John Ertz

Commandeer Cheesecake Factory at Southdale for the Friday night get together!!

08/12/09 12:49 PM #21    


Timothy Olson (Olson)

Tim Olson and folks are gathering at Ciao Bella in Bloomington on Friday night @ 7:00 pm. The address is 3501 Minnesota Dr., Bloomington (a few blocks east of France Ave. and just north of 494) - 952-841-1000.

08/12/09 02:20 PM #22    

Ross Kuehne

Hey Gang, great job on the website, and thanks for all the work that's collectively been done putting together the reunion. When I checked in and noticed that Scott (Parker) had asked about me on the forum, I figured I ought to finally create a profile. As much as I'd love to make it on Saturday night, it turns out I have commitments in London this weekend. Drat. Indeed, it's Double-Drat, since I was actually in Minneapolis LAST Thursday - Saturday; first time in a couple of years that I'd been in town. If only the reunion had been a week earlier... Oh well, here's hoping everyone has a great time, and I'll aim to make it to the 40th [ouch] reunion. Greetings to all, and feel free to drop me a line. Cheers, -Ross

08/13/09 10:02 PM #23    

David Warren

Looking forward to all that can make it.
Mary and I will be at the get together tomorrow, do we need name tags, or are we just going to make fools of ourselves. Thirty years is a long time, I think most of us have either giained or lost a few things.

Dave and Mary Warren

08/14/09 03:51 PM #24    

Shawn McHugh

HEY, I just made an announcement, as I will be unable to be there. But if anyone has kid's that are out of high school and want to get paid to ski/snowboard..... Let me know.

Ill be in town for the week prior to the reunion! Anyone want to go out for a shot.....

08/15/09 11:41 AM #25    

David Warren

Wow what a great turnout and time last night. Was fun to see all of you again. Looking forward to tonight.
Dave Warren

08/15/09 01:34 PM #26    


Timothy Olson (Olson)

Had a blast last night!!! Many great conversations. But it went soooooooooooooo fast.
See y'all tonight.
Can't wait to see some of the photos.

08/17/09 06:20 PM #27    

James Olson

My thanks to everybody who worked at putting on our 30th reunion. It was really good for me to connect with so many people again. We have been blessed to have the classmates we do.

08/18/09 01:14 PM #28    

Vicki Handler

I couldn't agree more! It was so much fun to see everyone again - even though we all looked slightly different, it was still very easy to make those connections again - the SW Class of '79 is the best!!

08/18/09 02:47 PM #29    

Kathy (Kitt) Van Vranken (Wattenphul)

I'm so sorry I missed the reunion! it looks like you all had a great time. I'd love to see more photos. It would also be nice to have names attached to them. These old eyes can't seem to read the name tags.
I have to make it to the 40th!!

08/18/09 06:47 PM #30    

Jill Barber (Swing)

The reunion was very fun. A blast from the past, meeting everyone again. We should try to get together again, before our next one. Again thank -you committee, for a wonderful time. :) :) :)

08/23/09 12:27 AM #31    

Jeanmarie Durand (Griffin)

Wow I didn't know this forum was available to us until now.
I had a very memorable time,one of the best in my life!
I'm so fortunate to have participated,I loved seeing everybody and still did not talk to everyone.
You guys did a great job!!! and I can believe the hype.

10/25/11 06:03 PM #32    

James Olson

In a class we shared in 10th grade, the teacher had us go around and say what our favorite car was.  For some reason I remember Lisa saying hers would be a Chevy van.  Now I hope she's cruising the byways of heaven in one.  Rest in peace, Lisa Notaro.

12/08/11 06:06 PM #33    

James Olson

I remember Randy in the junior high building in Mr. Krynski's class.  In the hall he would hurl his textbook across the floor like it was a piece of gym equipment.  He was just a kid.  A hyper, agressive, nutty and really good kid.  Randy DiMartino, maybe we'll meet again. 

12/03/13 12:16 PM #34    

Amy Smith (Ebert)

Hi Vicki,

I would like to opt out on the SW Foundation contact list.  Thank you!

Happy Holidays,

Amy Jo (Smith) Ebert

12/03/15 08:09 AM #35    

Shawn McHugh

Does anyone even use this anymore???

12/04/15 12:44 PM #36    


Dan Anderson

Yes !

12/04/15 04:14 PM #37    


Christina Manzavrakos (Schoenberger)

Merry Christmas to all in Minnesota...from Tucson Arizona🎄

12/06/15 06:42 PM #38    


Dan Anderson

Merry Christmas 2015 

12/07/15 06:41 AM #39    

Kathy Knaak

Merry Christmas all. I just found this site this year, so I hope everyone continues to use it.

12/08/15 03:18 PM #40    

Joan MacDonald (Ford)

Merry Christmas from California. Will be missing my oldest who will spend it with his wife's family, and my middle son who is deployed right now. Grateful to have my daughter and youngest to celebrate Christmas Eve with as I will be working Christmas.

06/10/17 12:34 PM #41    

Linda Vojta

Hi Everyone,

Just yesterday I was at Sunnyside Gardens and decided to drive by the school to see what renovations they've done. They really made some huge changes. I can't wait to see the inside next Saturday at the 75th Anniversary celebration.

Hope to see some of you there also!


08/11/19 10:11 AM #42    

Jacobus DeHoog (Joost)

I would like to give a big shout out to Vicki, Linda, Teresa and anyone else who helped organize our 40th class reunion.



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