Reunion Committee

42-Year Reunion Committee

  • Veronica Konold Legan - Chair, Backup Treasurer
  • Paul Barber - Treasurer, Communications/Publicity/Outreach
  • Betsy Rummel Messman - Communications/Publicity/Outreach, Invitations/RSVP Management
  • Wai (Scarlett) Wong-Lai - Communications/Publicity/Outreach
  • Bob Stein - Food & Venue Management
  • Kristen Robb Evans - Food & Venue Management
  • Christi Samples Siegel - Secretary, Food & Venue Management, Memorial
  • June Jobin Breneman - Event Management (Directors of Fun)
  • Jimmy Jahoda - Event Management (Directors of Fun)
  • Margaret Kinsella Rose - Event Management (Directors of Fun)
  • Julie Oxborough Yankus - At-Large/General Assistance

If anyone else would like to help, please let us know at

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Just before the 42-Year Reunion - July 23, 2022.

From Left to Right:  Jimmy Jahoda, June Jobin Breneman, Nancy Rose Pribyl ('81), Christi Samples Siegel, Kristen Robb Evans, Wai (Scarlett) Wong-Lai, Bob Stein, Margaret Kinsella Rose, Paul Barber.

Not Pictured:  Veronica Konold Legan, Betsy Rummel Messman, Julie Oxborough Yankus, Robert Granvin ('81).