45th Reunion Survey

Hello Washburn Class of 1979 Millers,

This survey was created by your Reunion Planning Committee to gauge interest having a 45th Class Reunion in 2024.  We would appreciate your feedback to help with that decision.

Please submit your survey responses by Friday, December 15.

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1)   Would you consider attending a 45th reunion in 2024?

Yes No
2)   What is the likelihood that you would attend our 45th reunion?

  Less than 25%
3)   Did you attend our 40th reunion?

Yes No
4)   Which month would you prefer we held the 45th reunion?

  August 2024
  September 2024
  No preference
5)   What day(s) would you prefer we held the 45th reunion?

  Friday Night
  Saturday Night
  Friday and Saturday Night
6)   Would you prefer the 45th reunion to be a casual or dressy event?

  No preference
7)   How important is the cost of attendance in deciding whether you would come to the 45th reunion?

  Very Important
  Somewhat Important
  Cost is not a Primary Factor
8)   Did you like having the elementary school mini reunions the evening before our 40th reunion?

Yes No
9)   Please share any important factors that would influence your decision to attend the 45th reunion.