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08/11/09 03:22 PM #11    

Jeff Sanders

Looking forward to seeing you all again...See you sat. nite!!!...Jeff

08/16/09 01:35 PM #12    

Susan Romig (Castro)

It was wonderful seeing all of you last night. CCHS class of '79 was (and still is) great!

08/16/09 06:40 PM #13    

George Salgado

Wow! Wow! Wow! 30 years sure went buy fast! It was great to see everyone. I would like to thank Lance and the planning committee for all the hard work. It couldn't have been any better. I can't wait to see the pictures. God bless everyone and I hope everyone finds peace and happiness. Keep in touch!
George Salgado

08/16/09 08:48 PM #14    


Carmella "Carmie" Leguria (Ramczyk)

Yes, I also wanted to thank Lance and Christine and all the planning committee for all the hard work they put in for our reunion. The reunion turned out great. It was so nice to visit with so many old friends from the past. I can't believe 30 years. Wow !!! I wanted to thank all the classmates that had to travel so far to join us. That was really nice. Hope you all have safe trips home. Keep in touch !!!

08/17/09 12:05 AM #15    

Kay Mays (Joens)

Another big THANK YOU to all the worker bee's. I personally think the reunion was TOO BIG of a SUCCESS because so many people showed I still didn't get to say hi to everybody! Maybe were not gonna be able to wait another 10 yrs!!!
By the way, we went golfing early this morning and my game really sucked. I think my BAC was still a little full of Rum and Coke!!

08/17/09 06:51 PM #16    

Joan Wahl (Coleman)

That was SPECIAL!! So much to smile about! I got to say that was more affection in one night than I've had in years combined!!! Kinda intoxicating in, Loved every minute of it! Christine you are amazing.... and Lance, your enthusiasm about this reunion was infectious and inspiring! Thank you, thank you! We should have one more "meeting" and everybody should come. Ha!

I agree with ya Kay, 10 years may be too long...we'd be like 57..58 ? Yikes!

08/17/09 10:20 PM #17    

John Michelena

Our reunion was loads of fun and befitting of Central Catholic's finest. Even the flickering of lights and the closing of the frontgate could not end the evening. I regret not making it to the DoubleTree as I said I would, but my nagging wife just could not hang with die-hard Central people even though she comes from Chico. Although she has a point, getting older does make it harder to stay awake past midnight.
Thanks to Lance for getting this party off the drawing board. As Stan had said, the smartest thing our class had ever done was elect Lance for class president--no offense to his challenger. Little did he know that he would be appointed El Presidente for life.
Thanks to Chris, Jean, Joan, Pete and Stan for all your work and all those cocktails at all those meetings. But really, are 30 meetings really necessary? Of course, and it showed.
It's never too early to start planning the next one.

08/18/09 01:06 PM #18    

Jean Varni (Oliver)

Albert and I had a BLAST!!!! Thankyou all for coming and making our 30th reunion such a memorable event. It would not have been the same without you. My head is still reeling from Saturday Night. My only wish is that I had more time to visit with everyone. We definitely need another excuse to get together. ...Imagine a HUGE 50th year birthday party for everyone. It would surely ease the pain of that milestone. Let's see, if we started now, how many planning meetings can we go to???? Just a thought.....

08/19/09 12:49 AM #19    

Jeff Sanders

Great idea, Jean...How about a group 50th on the 4th of july!!!!...Adam,Al and i will grill!!!....Jeff

08/23/09 09:37 AM #20    

Sandy Baker

Hi All,

Well it's taken me a week to recover from that incredible night. I haven't stopped smiling yet. Joan said it perfectly, it was very special. There's a special connection that you have with people who knew you when you were just starting out. Thank you all for being there and for sharing all your life stories.

And I agree, the only thing wrong with the evening is that it ended so soon. Maybe next time we could do a morning after wrap know, breakfast or lunch in a park with families.

I had hoped to make it to the after party at the Double Tree, but my 47 years got the best of me. Plus, I heard that it got pretty wild at the 20 year reunion. Maybe ya'll have some good stories to share from this one.

Thank you Lance and Team for putting the event together, and thanks to all of the classmates for being there and being you.


08/26/09 02:04 PM #21    

Sharon Norcott (Villard)

A HUGE Thanks to all involved in putting our 30 Year Reunion together !!! It was great seeing you all again after 3 decades and catching up. The warm reception, beautiful atmosphere, great food, and most importantly having all of you there will be an unforgettable experience for me. Like most of you, I would have love to have spent more time chit chatting, laughing, sharing memories, and wondering about our futures, etc. I look forward to seeing you again sometime, someplace .... Who knows? - Maybe, some of you may wander over into my corner of the world. If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Until the next time we chat or meet, I wish you all good health, lots of love, tons of joy, and prosperity. Warm Greetings, Sharon

08/26/09 04:17 PM #22    

Jeff Ottoboni

All -

I wanted to echo the comments made by our classmates about the Reunion and about the terrific work done by those who put it all together. That was a fantastic night and reminded me why I enjoyed my 4 years at Central so much and why, even now, I can remember my high school experience like it was yesterday. Probably the only negative, again as others have mentioned, is that I wasn't able to at least say hello to everyone; I was a little embarrassed when I saw who I had missed. For those who were unable to make it, this event just confirmed for me what a unique experience we had 30 years ago and what a great class we had.

I feel very fortunate to have attended CC and always mention with pride, when talking to others about growing up in Modesto, where I went to high school and what a happy period of my life that was.

And by the way and in case there was any doubt, again for those who didn't make it, your classmates still know how to close down a (hotel) bar at 3:00 in the morning!

Please keep in touch, something I have not been real good at myself, and continued good luck to all of you in everything you are doing.


10/11/09 01:01 AM #23    


Carmella "Carmie" Leguria (Ramczyk)

Hello glad to see the web site still up and active. thanks Lance. I hope we can all get together sooner than later for the next reunion or even dinner...

01/27/10 10:35 PM #24    

Lance Bautista

Is there any interest in getting a bar-be-que together this summer? I am up for it! Lance

01/30/10 05:23 PM #25    

Ralph Partridge

Sounds like a great idea. With as much advance notice as possible on the date, I would love to attend with Lucie. Don't know if I can do much to help in the planning, but would be willing to try to assist if needed. Ralph

02/10/10 05:26 PM #26    

Jeff Sanders

Sounds great,Lance...I'm skilled on the grill...Let me know !!!

02/14/10 01:32 AM #27    


Carmella "Carmie" Leguria (Ramczyk)

BBQ sounds like fun... I can help with the planning of the event just let me know... Happy Valentines Day !!!

02/26/10 08:13 PM #28    

Susan Romig (Castro)

Sounds like fun.

07/01/10 02:15 AM #29    


Carmella "Carmie" Leguria (Ramczyk)

Hello friends- I was talking to Ralph and he wanted to know if there was any type of BBQ planned for our class this summer... Does anyone have any information?

11/16/10 10:52 PM #30    

Teresa Przybyla (Focha)

Hi everybody!

It has been great renewing friendships with all my CCHS friends. A few months ago, I also renewed my friendship with my high school boyfriend, Denis Shanahan, on Facebook. Do any of you remember him? I have moved to Texas for 4 months to be with him and then we will be moving back to California together.

Teresa Przybyla Focha

08/08/11 01:37 AM #31    


Carmella "Carmie" Leguria (Ramczyk)

Thanks for a great 50th Birthday Party/Reunion.... Everything was wonderful...A special thanks to Lance, Jean, Al, John Stan and Peter, Joan for the planning of the event..  And a special thanks to Adam, Jeff and Al for BBQing I posted my pictures hope I got everyone...

08/08/11 11:16 AM #32    

Kay Mays (Joens)

 Once again..........THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK!   Nice to see everybody again!  The Grill masters did a great job, and all the pre-planning is much appreciated! Happy 50th (give or take a couple years) everybody!


08/18/12 01:28 PM #33    

Lance Bautista

Please keep Neil's wife Stacy and their children in your prayers.  I will pass on information as soon as it is available.

08/25/12 11:35 AM #34    

Susan Bilson (Bent)

RIP, Neil Phillips, our kind friend. You will be missed.

01/01/20 04:05 PM #35    

Kay Mays (Joens)

So very sorry to hear about Bernie. I think she would be happy to know my memories of her are mostly her contagious smile and wonderful spirit mixed with spunk! RIP Bernie! 😘 Prayers for her family and friends, she most certainly will be missed by many.

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