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07/10/08 02:11 PM #1    

Sara Johnson (Wynn)

Welcome to the Moline Sr High School Class Of 1993 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/04/08 11:25 PM #2    

Chad Mitchell

Sara - thank you for your time in putting this website together. I imagine that many will appreciate it.


08/17/08 10:51 PM #3    

Adam Uhde

This is nice. I missed the 10 year reunion. I plan on attending this one.

08/20/08 02:45 PM #4    

Timothy Heuer

I would like to echo the sentiment from Chad! Thank you for all of your hard work to put this together!

08/22/08 08:51 PM #5    

Charity Gibson (Barnett)

I also missed the 10 year, and had planned to attend this one. Unfortunatly was unable to make it out of town. So I wanted to say hello to everyone! Miss ya'll! wish I was there!

08/23/08 07:00 AM #6    

Melissa Hoff (Hardesty)

I missed the last one, and unfortunatly I will be missing this one, too!! Grrr!! Tony and I live way up here in Alaska, and it's hard to make it back down to the lower 48. Hopefully by the time the next one rolls around we will be somewhere closer to Illinois so we can drive down in a day or two instead of a week! LOL
I hope you all have a blast, and someone take some pictures! I wanna see all the fun we are missing!!


08/25/08 10:26 PM #7    

Angela Natsis

To all who planned the reunion, great job! It was a blast and so nice to see everyone.

08/26/08 05:46 PM #8    

Charity Gibson (Barnett)

Is there going to be an area for people to post pic's for all the people who missed the reunion.

08/26/08 09:27 PM #9    

Ryan Bishop

sorry missed the shin dig had a great time at 10yr if anyone has any pic's would like to see them...


08/28/08 08:34 PM #10    

Adam Uhde

It was a really nice time. Thanks for the hard work and planning. It was nice to run into people again.

08/28/08 10:34 PM #11    

Melissa Hoff (Hardesty)

If anyone has a site with pics from the reunion, I would love to see them!
I am so sad that I missed it...again!
Sounds like everyone had a blast.


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