Class of 1968 Will




I, Tom Adamson, will my boxers to Ted Grauer, so at least he can look like a man.

I, Sue Aitchison, will all of my brownie points to anyone who can stand the teachers enough to get them.

I, George Arduser, will my ability to drive under certain conditions to Tom Hoag.

I, Dick Bach, will my quiet, reserved manner and my physique to Mr. Palmer.

I, Dan Bauer, will my brother Chuck a box of matches to keep up the tradition of lighting the homecoming fire the night before.

I, Linda Bauer, will Latha Zumbach my back yard, so she has a place to do her push-ups and my ring to Karen Meier, because she’ll need it.

I, Galen Behrends, will my I.D. card to Bill Buckner, so he can buy his own cigarettes.

I, Dave Bohlken, will my coon dog to Jerry Kiburtz.

I, Jeanette Bohlken, will to Diane Arduser and Debbie Eiben, my ability in band, so they can be half as good as they think they are, and to Ken Wennekamp, the bushes at our nursery.

I, Tom Bohlken, will Crista Orcutt some dog repellent, so she can use it on her knees.

I, Linda Bossard, will my ability to be a good girl to Debbie Hunt and Leslie Sunday.

I, Randy Brokaw, will my nickname “BEEF” to Vicki Hunt with the hope of some results.

I, Cindy Buol, will if I haven’t already, and my book, “Occasions to Have Parties,” to Chuck Willms, Dan Moats, Gary Grum, and Bob Rickles.

I, Ken Carter, will Churck Bauer my ability to get along with the law.

I, Jim Collins, will Sandy Smith to Gary Grum so he can have some fun at night, and my ability to pack things to Mr. Nelson.

I, Peg Cooper, will Mr. Miehe the ability to pop fresh popcorn so it’s worth the trouble of trying to steal it, and my ’36 coupe to Vicki Hunt.

I, Sue Covington, will my nickname “Suey” to Mr. Miehe so he can call his hogs.

I, Debbie Crow, will my “perfect attendance” to Ron Ray.

I, Lance Cuckler, will my hearse to the junior class for next year’s roller skating party; it will probably be pretty dead.

I, Sally Eby, will my smile to Bill Heiken.

I, Jean Edwards, will my ability to lower myself to speak to everybody to Cindy Hanken.

I, Becky Ehlts, will nothing to nobody because I have nothing to will, and to Dottie Hasler, a can of Right Guard.

I, Janis Ehlts, will the back streets of Center Junction to Gary Grum, and to Mr. Palmer a maid to clean his room and a year’s supply of Drano to clean out his mind—it gets pretty clogged up, doesn’t it?

I, Doug Ehresman, will Dean Nelson a friend, and to Kay Glanz, a friend because she lost the only other one she ever had.

I, Ken Ehrisman, will my ability to anyone who can figure out what it is.

I, Dennis Eilers, will to Jerry Kiburtz an inside-the-car trash can, so he won’t go out and litter the highways.

I, Bob Ferrall, will some foam rubber to Leslie Sunday, and all of Crista’s notes to POST magazine—they’re worth a million, and to Ken Wennekamp, the products from our drug store.

I, Marilyn First, will my ring to the junior girls, they may need it, and a tape recorder to Mr. Weber, so it will be easier for him to repeat his lectures every day.

I, Connie Fistler, will to Wally Wennekamp a feather duster so he won’t have to go to Hoag Duster Factor to look for one, and to Buck, some flavoring so Mr. Lubbock can make him into a better brownie.

I, Stan Fitzsimmons, will Mr. Black a soap box to make his speeches from.

I, Vicki Fitzsimmons, will a book of proper language and a quiet corner at the Monti Theater to Les Behrends.

I, Tom Glanz, will a stuffed dummy to Mr. Lubbock, so he will have something to talk to in next year in Physics class, in case he can’t sucker any juniors into taking Physics.

I, Dennis Gray, will Tom Myers a bag of ice, so he won’t have to “act” cool, and my draft status to Mr. Black—I’m 1-A.

I, Dave Greenawald, will Jim Bone a set of binoculars, so he won’t have to sit under the steps in the study center, and my nickname “GUTS” to the boys of the junior class because they don’t have any, and to Mr. Husman, my book on sex education, so he will know what it means.

I, Roger Griffith, will my modesty and quiet disposition to Mark Hein.

I, Don Haas, will my hair and pleasant nature to Mr. Husman.

I, Harlan Hanken, will my nickname “BAGS” to Kay Glanz.

I, Steve Hanken, will to Mr. Frostestad’s government lecture class of ’69 plenty of sleep and a rude awakening.

I, Peg Harlan, will Bob back to the juniors, and to J.B. the strength to overcome the example her sister has set out for her.

I, Sandy Harms, will my best recipe for brownies to Miss Jones.

I, Richard Heeren, will my talented ability as an auto mechanic to Jerry Richardson—may the Olds run forever.

I, Jane Heiken, will Amy Yeoman a box of pencils, so Ted Grauer won’t have to ask other girls for them.

I, Sandy Heiken, will my ability to baby-sit to Latha Zumbach, and my quiet disposition to our most popular junior girl.

I, Zana Herren, will to all future physics, chemistry, and science 9 students a group trap door, so that if they don’t understand what’s going on, they can leave without disturbing Mr. Lubbock.

I, Pat Himebaugh, will Gord Goettsch a banana skin, and to Debbie Hunt a banana, and to Jean Bartels a head shrinker for you know who, and all my slivers and callouses to Coach Nelson and next year’s junior varsity.

I, Marianne Holub, will my ability to control my emotions to Latha Zumbach, and my little black book to Linda Stahlberg—good luck Linda.

I, Kahnie Hubbard, will my ability to keep a cool and reserved head around boys to Joan Schneider.

I, Mike Husmann, will Crista Orcutt two five-gallon buckets, and my ability to go out with the boys.

I, Linda Jansen, will Linda Stahlberg a diaper for next year’s gym class, in case there is a false fire alarm.

I, Greg Jansen, will the presidency of the National Dishonor Society to Ken Wennekamp, and to Ted Grauer a high RPM electric backscratcher.

I, Virgil Johnson, will Amy Yeoman a good reputation, which will expire if or when she graduates, and to Latha Zumbach I will Ron Ray, so she will have someone to help her babysit.

I, Mike Jones, will my tremendous vocabulary to Hatch Reade, and my ability to keep people’s attention to Mr. Weber in sympathy for next year’s classes.

I, Judy Keating, will Amy Yeoman an inferiority complex, to even her out.

I, Bob Kehoe, hereby will my ability to be sober at F.F.A. parties to Dean Ehrisman.

I, Charlie Kelchen, will my virtuosity to all the sophomore girls.

I, Kathy Knight, will Rick Barker my diamond ring to give to Margaret Reynolds, as a sign of ownership.

I, Don Kotz, being of sound mind and body, will my hair to the administration; they’ve been after it for four years anyhow.

I, Curtis D. Krouse, will a case of “sodie” pop to Tom Hoag, providing he stays at home to drink it, and to the school, nothing cause that’s what I got out of it.

I, Linda Ladehoff, will Mr. LeClere any junior girls, who feel they are gossipy enough to keep him informed as to what is happening around school.

I, Judy Lahr, will Grover, Mr. Miehe, a guard for his popcorn stand.

I, Bonnie Lambert, will Karen Brighton the ability to think before she acts, so her future experiences turn our better than her past ones.

I, Janet Lambert, will my friend Red to Charlotte Beebe, and my girdle to Arnie Palmer, so he won’t have to let it all hang out, and my book of 1001 New and Different Hunches to Latha Zumbach.

I, Ronnie Lange, will my nickname “TWIG” to Kay Glanz, and a can of deodorant to the boys’ locker room.

I, Junelle Lehman, will all the bathroom tissue that was used to TEEPEE my house, back to the school.

I, Al Martenson, will my ability to get along with Mr. Miehe to Mitch Wilson.

I, Edie McCaughan, will Joan Schneider my southern accent.

I, Michael McNeill, will my purple cow to the school, to help spread the milk of human kindness.

I, Terry Meeks, being of sound mind, not body, will my quiet ways and manners to Mr. Husman. Thank You. Now just try and censor that!

I, Suzy Munoz, will the name of my country to Cindy Hanken so she can be super cool.

I, Janet Nelson, will a book of 365 new Bohemian jokes to Mr. Palmer.

I, Emily Oltman, will my ability to get along with Janelle to Mr. Day.

I, Paul Paulsen, will Mike Jones my height and ability to grow taller—good luck.

I, Chris Pederson, will the road to Manchester back to the State Highway Commission.

I, Chancy Pierce, will my ability to stay sober at FFA parties to Dean Ehrisman.

I, Vicki Pierce, will all my old love letters from Bob to Crista J. Orcutt.

I, Mary Rees, will my can of lavender paint to Connie Boots, so she can paint her car when she gets it.

I, Dan Reyner, will the hair on my chest to Eddie Goldsmith.

I, Margaret Reynolds, will Rich Barker back to the freshman class.

I, Gloria Ricklefs, will my nickname, Bertha, to John Neiters, and to Mr. Palmer all of my gossip-filled notes, so he won’t have to intercept any more in the halls.

I, Warren Rieniets, will my high-powered truck to Ted Grauer, so he will have some wheels to take Amy out.

I, Ann Robertson, uh will uh Mr. Frostestad uh my uh ability to uh stand uh before a group uh of uh people and uh speak without uh swaying to uh and fro, and to Latha Zumbach, some extra material so she won’t have to wear her dresses so short.

I, Sandy Schafer, will Pam Herndon a feather duster, so she will have a legitimate reason for being behind Hoag Dusters.

I, Bernie Schatz, will my initials to Dick Krysan.

I, Karen Schneiter, will Nancy Folkers and Carmine Haas all my 4-H uniforms so they won’t have to be brownies the rest of their lives.

I, Jerry Schneiter, will my ability to get along with Grover to Dean Ehrisman.

I, Dan Schoon, will Mike McCullough and Jody Kotz a band, so they won’t have to pretend they are musicians.

I, Brenda Smith, will my hair, to be evenly divided between Mr. Husman, Mr. Stumbaugh, and Mr. Miehe.

I, Leanna Smock, will the ability to keep quiet to some of the sophomore girls.

I, Dan Specht, will my hair and vineyards to Mr. Harken, may he have fun next year, as a hippie.

I, Larry Soper, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Mike Myers.

I, Diane Steiner, will my gum wrappers to Mrs. Jamieson.

I, Janet Svoboda, will some brains to Linda Merfeld and my ability to make friends to the junior girls.

I, Lynn Tedrow, will Charlotte Beeb back to Honduras.

I, Dave Tobiason, will my petite measurements to Kay Glanz.

I, Charlotte Tobiason, will an automatic hickey deflector to Dick Krysan and Ron Ray for protection against the wild vacuum sweeper.

I, Mike Tschantz, will to next year’s government class a book of matches, so they can burn up Mr. Frostestad’s programmed learning sheets, Senior Scholastics, and other aids to help in government discussions.

I, Nancy Tuetken, will my conservative walk to Mr. Frostestad.

I, Ron Weber, will my quiet personality to Frank Straub.

I, Marlene Wilcox, will Mrs. Svoboda a bottle of Elmer’s glue so her wig won’t slip when she scratches her head.

I, Stan Willms, will a size twenty hat and a box of brownies to Mark Hein.

I, Dayton Yousse, will to Coach Nelson a new pair of glasses so he can see the balls and strikes better.

I, Jim Zimmerman, will my car to Ted Grauer, so that Amy Yeoman won’t have to drive all the time.

We, the Senior Class, will Mr. Frostestad a bottle of smelling salts, for as much as he passes out, he needs it.

We, the Senior Class, would, but they won’t let us.