Patty Bonnell Whitaker

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Patty Bonnell
Residing In: Brigham City, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Robbert Whitaker
Occupation: Retired
Children: Sons JAMES ROBERT-born 1964 and Michael Scott-born 1968. 8 Grandchildren, -Echo, Zane, Clint, Cordell, More…Josie, Sariah, Gage, Maesa. Three Great Grandchildren- Brooklyn, Kason, Kiezen. Well it is 2017 and we are expecting 2 more Great Grandchildren this summer. One is a boy and not sure on the other.We now have 7. Nium her 8 is on its way.


ages 7-6 months.
Class Year: 1961
Yes! Attending Reunion

8 GRANDCHILDREN. 4 BOYS AND 4 GIRLS FROM AGES 25 TO 10. ONE GREATGRAND DAUGHTER 1 Year. My husband and I are both semi-retired-I volunteer at a elementry school 4 days every week (except 3 months we spend in AZ) and my husband is still the Chairman of the Board for his construction company. (Whitaker Construction ) We now have one great grandaughter. She is 5 years old. Of course she is beautiful and really full of it. She must have known that her grandparents favorite color is orange because her hair is also orange. Time goes on and we just get older with few changes. Since my last update we have two more Greatgrand children and another grandchild getting married in June and another in Oct. Our family is growing pretty fast. Bob has now more or less retired. We still go to Yuma for 3 months a year and then home to take care of the house and our cabin. We work and work. I am still volunteering at the school. All is well. Another up date we have a great grand son that is 3 and another great grandson that is 2. A great granddaughter that is 6 and another that is nearly a year. My family is growing better than my garden.Well we have added 1 more great grandchild a girl. I retired so long ago that I can't remember. I have been volunteering at school for 17 years now and have graduated from helping the first to the second grade. I have refused to be a paid aide because of the politics so I am there 4 full days a week. I just love it, who am I kidding. I just wish I wasn't as old as I am so I could do it for another 17 years. Oh well I will play it by ear and do it as long as possible. Well another year has passed and it is 2017 and 2 more greats grandchildren on the way. We still spend 3 months in AZ and do a lot of jeeping in the desert. It is beautiful. It was a little colder and wetter in 2017 but the desert should be beautiful this spring. Life is wonderful and I am so lucky to be with my husband for 54 years. What more could a girl ask for. Well it is 2018 and we know have 7 great grandhildren and another on the way. One grandson has 2 boys 1,4,2. My granddaughter has 3 1, 4, 7. and other due in October. I feel overwhelmed at family gatherings. After all as we all know FATHER TIME is right beside us. Hope everyone is getting along fine.Well we now have 8 great Grandchildren.. We have another girl. My husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, Removed the bottom cancer and took part of the lung on top because that cancer was too active. Both cancers on the left lung. Hard to see but he is a fighter. We are both looking forward to the holidays and more time together.

this year was diagnosedwith ling cancer. Lots of surgery, hospital stays, Chemo and lots of ups and downs. Finally on the road to recovery. Very slownmgoing but we will make it.
Well we are out of Kemmo. M hy husband is doing quite well. Now it is my turn. I am having trouble walking. If you know me I will not give up and I will beat it.

School Story:

EXTREamily hard. My husband was ddiWatching Steve Brown and Steve Gray in the grocery store in town sampling the cooking sherry on the store shelves and then putting it back. Shocking but FUNNY.

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Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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Happy Birthday Sheila. Remember we are old now so we can eat the whole cake and drink some wine too.

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Happy Birthday young man. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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Happy Birthday Howard. Hope you are well and the fam ily is safe.

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Happy Birthday kid. I guess kid is not right but it sure was when we were at WA. Have a healthy and happy year.

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HAPP0Y HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYEVE. Have a great day. Miss seeing you guys.

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Happy Birthday Steve. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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Hey kiddo Happy Birthday. Miss you tons. Have a great day.

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Happy Birthday Nancy. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have an great day.

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Thank You

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Happy Birthday Sammie. Loved talking to you. Hope all is well with you and yours.

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Happy Birthday Bob. Hope life has been good to you.

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Did I miss your birthday? If so I am soooo sorry.

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Happy Birthdaysweet girl. Hope it is a great one.

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Happy Birthday big guy. HOPE OIT IOS A GREAT ONE./

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BURIN. Have a great day.

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I thought I sent you Happy Birthday but I don't see it. I am sorry I guess my mind forgot to work. Hope your day was wonderful?

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Happy Birthday boy friend. I get to wait for a couple of months. It was wonderful to hear your voice. Miss you kiddo.

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