Through the Years


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1)   How many kids do you have? How old is the oldest? How young is the youngest?

2)   Are you a grandparent?

Yes No
3)   Since you graduated college or turned 21, list all the cities you have lived in, (Your college town counts as a city!)

4)   List all the jobs you had while at Prospect

5)   Since you graduated Prospect, list all the places you have been employed. Include companies and job titles

6)   Did you ever cut class at Prospect? If so, where did you go?

7)   Did you have a fake ID while at Prospect? If so, when did you use it?

8)   Whom did you date while at Prospect?

9)   After you graduated Prospect, did you ever date a fellow classmate? Care to name him/her?

10)   If your parents are still with us, do they still live in the same house you grew up in?

Yes No
11)   After graduating Prospect, have you ever lived in your parent's house for more than six months continuously?

Yes No
12)   Since graduation, have you ever been back to Prospect? How many times? What was the occasion?

13)   You may not have driven to Prospect every day but you drove something, right? What kind of car did you drive?

14)   Did your photo ever hang on a wall inside the school? Do you know if it's still there?

15)   What movie, song and TV show do you most associate with your time at Prospect?

16)   Who were your favorite and least favorite teachers at Prospect? Why?

17)   Did you play a sport at Prospect? Do you still participate in that sport?

18)   If you played an instrument at Prospect, do you still play it?

19)   Do you still own any of the following? Your Prospect ID (any year)? Your diploma? A flower from a formal dance? Your prom dress?

20)   Finally, do you regret anything you did while at Prospect? Do you regret NOT doing something while at Prospect?