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05/21/08 07:55 AM #1    

Cheryl Brown (Vanderpool)

Welcome to the Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1983 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/27/08 09:27 PM #2    

Rhonda Gray (Taplin)


Thanks for doing this. What a great way to keep in touch! I'm not sure if we will make the reunion, lots of stuff going on around that time. We will see what happens.


07/19/08 12:16 PM #3    

Teri Haney (Kinney)

Have a great time everyone!!! Wish I was there!!!

Teri Haney-Kinney

07/19/08 11:51 PM #4    

Scott Taylor

Michelle and I just got home from Draft Pics . what a great time . thanks for hosting Lance and many thnx to Cheryl and Ruth for putting this together. Hope to see more tomorrow at Bowmans bay...


07/20/08 01:38 AM #5    

Ron Panzero

Thanks Cheryl, I posted a few pics from the 25th and will finish the rest later. It's way past my bedtime. I've got 57 pics to put on.

07/20/08 10:22 AM #6    

Rhonda Gray (Taplin)

Thanks so much for the pictures! Fun, fun, fun! Wish I could have been there. I have so many memories from high school. It looks like you had a great time!

08/08/08 02:16 PM #7    

Roger Bennett

Hey i am playing at the longhorn in bow this saturday on the 9th .

08/22/08 02:57 PM #8    

Chris Mason (Miller)

Thanks for posting pictures Ron. You all look Great! I'll try not to be on vacation next time!

10/16/08 11:23 AM #9    

Randy Bunk

Thank you for the pictures Ron! Oh my gosh, so many great people I missed seeing. So sorry I missed the gathering.

12/27/08 10:36 AM #10    

Ron Panzero


02/02/09 08:34 AM #11    

Roger Bennett

Playing this febuary 13 friday night at the fairhaven martini bar in fairhave. would be great to see some Peeps there.

02/13/09 08:58 AM #12    

Kevin Simpson

Cheryl, Thank you for taking the time to set this up!

03/10/09 10:54 PM #13    

Lynne Barber (Lucas)

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for setting up this site for us, I love seeing what everyone has been up to.

The get together you are planning for Summer 2009 sounds like fun!! Hope I can make it. I'm due for a visit to MV this Summer. Keep us all posted!

Looking forward to Summer!!


03/13/09 05:41 PM #14    

Teri Haney (Kinney)

I think it is a Fabulous idea!!! Why do we need to wait for milestone years?

02/10/12 06:09 AM #15    


Christine Golliver (Silvanio)

This is a great site for the class of 1983! I wish more classmates would post their thoughts!  Hope everyone is doing well!

09/23/13 12:07 PM #16    


Gary Harsh

30 Year Reunion!

Dang!!  Looks like you all had fun at the reunion. Wish we could have made it. Everyone is looking great, Love to see the smiles! 

I like the idea of an annual get together date at someplace up there! Our kids school has an unofficial reunion every year the weekend before thanksgiving at a local hangout. It has been a very popular event with a large turnout. No stress about it, just show up if you can.

In the things we take for granted in our senior year department.......  A huge thanks to our class officers for being the glue that is trying to keep us all in touch. Cheryl and Ruth - Kudos for all your efforts! I owe you a beverage the next time we meet.

Take care everyone, keep uploading those pictures, it lets us that did not make it pretend we were there!

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