I received the following information from one of our Classmate, Michael Pina.    If you can help him out, please contact him. 


I wanted to post this for the class of 1968.  I'm sure there are animal lovers out there and I'm sure there are cat lovers.

I know of a mama cat named Destiny and her 2 Siamese kittens, Kala and Kona. They were rescued from a hoarder in Canada who had 7 cats.   Destiny gave birth to six kittens, 4 of whom have found homes.   These three, however, have not.

The shelter does not want to separate the 3 and I know that's a lot of cats, but they desperately need a home. If anyone is interested you can contact me, Mike Pina either by emailing me thru my Profile or directly to or call me at (860) 223-3998.

If you want totake a look at them go to They are at a shelter in New Hartford, Ct. that only rescues Siamese.

They really are a wonderful breed.  I was going to adopt them but another cat by the name of Sam, also a Siamese, came through first..  Someone out there, please find it in your heart to adopt.  There are so many homeless animals out there looking for a forever home. Help! 


Michael Pina


Having had my share of shelter animals (currently a rescued puppy mill breeding mother, a miniature long-haired dachshund), I commend Mike for attempting to find a home for the Siamese.  Hopefully, one of us has a solution for the problem.

- Site Administrator