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LWHS Alumni Online Community / Alumni Association

We have a new online community!

"As you connect with other Lincoln-Way alumni through this site, you’ll experience a strong and vibrant Lincoln-Way community. Whether you graduated in 1955 when Lincoln-Way was a single school amidst the cornfields, or in 2011, from Lincoln-Way that has grown to a four-school district, or any year in between, we share a common bond. We celebrated success, shared friendships, and faced challenges in a high school environment that, I believe, is second to none. Our years at Lincoln-Way helped to shape the men and women we are today. Today, Lincoln-Way graduates—30,000 strong—influence communities, form businesses, direct corporations, support charities, educate young people, and nurture families. Lessons learned at Lincoln-Way, in and out of the classroom, influence our actions today. I am forever grateful for my Lincoln-Way years. I know many alumni who feel the same; and suspect countless others agree."

- Steve Hogan, Class of 1980 and Alumni Committee Chairman

LWHS has a Foundation in place, but is also spearheading an Alumni Association that will give back financially to the school we all came from to help support the quality of education that we all enjoyed when we attended.

Membership to the site is free and they intend to keep it as such. 

See the link below and join if you haven't already.