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12/02/13 09:28 AM #1    

Paulette Frey (Devino)

So good to hear from you, and thank you for the "card".

Not sure where the miscommunication re my mother came from.  My mother passed away several years ago at the age of 67.  My husband just passed in 2010.

I have kids/grandkids scattered all over.  Extended family are in CA, CO, VA, and NY.  My two sons are in CT and CO. I recently relocated to CT to be near that son and family and will spend Christmas in CO.  I spent Thanksgiving on Long Island.  I'm near the ferry so that trip is a breeze.

One son (Mike) is a manager for Costco; the other (Patrick) is in the process of buying the company he's run for the last few years.  Oldest granddaughter (Alex) is in college in upstate NY, majoring in some kid of linquistics.  (I just nod sagely when she explains it to me.)  She has been to France and will be going to Korea soon.  Next in line is my granddaughter (Nikki), a junior in high school.  She's currently checking out universities in RI, Maine, and PA.  She's been to Italy.  I tell them I was thrilled to go to the state fair - never thought I'd ever get to go out of the country.

Then comes the only boy (Spencer) who just started high school.  He's quite the soccer player, if Grandma does say so herself.  And his little sister (Brigitta) is 9.  She is my revenge for all the times her dad took me to the emergency room.

I've now retired for the third time - once from Lockheed, then from being a paralegal, and finally back in Human Resources for a retirement setting.  I'm through.  Come Spring, I'll probably volunteer for a local theatre group, but will just take trips and take my Zumba class with the senior center until then.

Please keep in touch - I always enjoy hearing from you.

04/19/20 11:08 AM #2    


Louis Self

Al and Rosalind -
  Thanks for putting this together.  we know it's a lot of work and appreciate it.
  I've got it on my calendar and on my schedule.  Can't wait!

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04/19/20 09:13 PM #3    

Bob Woods

Al and Rosalind, I am very happy that you are going to all the trouble to plan a 60th!! I missed the 55th and we plaan to make this one at this time. Don't know how we can all thank you.

Bob Woods

04/20/20 06:07 PM #4    

Larry H Clark

Hey Al and Rosalind and all the local classmates that will be involved in the putting together our 60th

reunion.  Please know for sure that we and especially me do appreciate all the work and time and effort 

If I can help in anyway please feel free to contact me,

Thank you , I always enjoy seeing (old) but new faces.  (its a joke)

Larry Clark   

04/21/20 09:59 AM #5    

Peggy Nebergall (Regier)


I was really surprised by Rosalind’s announcement on the class site. (My son texted it to me as I don’t have a computer!). He worked hard and got it on my phone yesterday so see if it works )

I believe you all know me well enough after working hard to help put on all the Reunions so far, that I would not have said those things!!  I have had 2 places reserved for different events for almost 3 months now.   I will cancel them!

In fact due to health issues in some of of the families of great helpers and loyal classmates (please keep them in your prayers) and Covid19, we had decided that for everyone’s saftey we should postpone the Reunion til next year!

However, since Rosalind decided to step in, I wish you all the Best for our 60th. STAY SAFE!

Peggy Nebergall Regier 

Questions:  316 799 2047

04/22/20 12:54 PM #6    

Paulette Frey (Devino)

I'm sorry Peggy's ideas for locations have been canceled as I'm sure they were great ideas, perhaps better than last time.  I'm also amazed that we're not postponing the event, given what many of us are going through.  Perhaps the Great Plains aren't experiencing stuff like wearing masks and gloves, hitting the "senior" shopping time of 7 a.m., etc. just to buy groceries.  Anyway, until I can go further than my front door, I guess I'll have to miss this reunion - and I do mean miss.

08/31/20 10:43 PM #7    


Louis Self

I am thinking October 3rd will likely be a little soon for COVID-19 to settle down.  What about a 61st class reunion in 2021?


Whatever turns out, I'll plan on being there!

02/04/22 12:35 PM #8    


Pat O'Bryan

Well another year gone by, and Covid still causing issues . I am still hopeing Al and Rosalind come can up with a reunion date . They do such a great job . If there is anything I can do to help please message me. Praying everyone has a great 2022  .Enjoy life and keep a positive attitude,keep going forward .God is Good All the Time. All the Time God is Good .. 

02/05/22 05:43 AM #9    

Kay Kaiser (Kindall)

I'm hoping so, too, Pat.  No matter how long we have to wait.  And however many of us are still around and able to come. Good to hear from you!

02/05/22 11:37 AM #10    


Louis Self

  I agree with all the above.  Thank you for all your time and work.

  Update:  So far I have 50 stand up comeddy shows scheduled in 10 states on my 2022 Veterans National Road Tour. has more details.

  Although I do not have bookings for Jul or Aug yet, I probably will be in Kansas the first week in August.  It would be cool to see you guys then.


Louis Self

12/14/22 08:52 AM #11    

Nancy Okerberg (Kerr)

I have had help in resetting my password.  It does feel very good to once again be in touch with  classmates.

First af all, I want to thank Larry Clark for his tribute to Vernon.  Excellent job, Larry. 

I can remember seeing a tall blond 6th grader from Washington School when Lincoln School played basketball 

 against them.  I kept thinking that maybe that tall kid would miss the next game and we wouild have a chance to win.  3 or 4 years later, we ALL wanted that tall kid to show up for every Newton High game.  

Vernon was a natural athlete and he used his talents very well.  As I read his obituary, I realized that Vernon used those gifts all of his life, helping and inspiring others.  

Vernon will be missed.  He will be remembered fondly.

Nancy Okerberg Kerr

10/20/23 10:26 AM #12    

Madelyn Hartenberger (Winterbourne)

Hi Paulette, Sorry I missed your Birthday. Hope it was a happy one. I have been a bit overwhelmed dealing with a few health related issues, house repairs and the aftermath of the 2022 and 2023 tortential rain. I am hanging in there and hope you are too. I thinik of you often and send blessings your way. Have a good year.

Love, Madelyn


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