Working On The Site Videos!

Music to work by!! Deep Purple Made In Japan is what did it for me. First time I heard Highway Star, I knew Rock "N" Roll was for me. Great video of Chickenfoot playing tribute to the classic.


A classic from Nazareth to help with some Friday site maintenance.  smiley


Another classic from Foghat.


Saw this on Facebook today, pure Rock N' Roll joy! Saw them back in 1980 in Springfield, a few short weeks before Bon tragically died. What a performance they put on!


Remember a few classmates dancing to this one.


Uncle Ted with Derek St. Holmes and the classic "Stranglehold".


When homework was frying your brain, a little ditty from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band would put the fun back into things.



Just enjoying some new Cheap Trick.



Some nice Kansas music released back in 1976. (Audio Only)


ELO and Evil Woman via 1976. (Audio Only)



A request by Ms Diana Ropp. A wonderful 1977 live performance by the Eagles' of one of their numerous classics - One Of These Nights (1975).


Another request by Ms Diana Ropp. A 1973 Chicago live performance of their huge hit - Saturday In The Park (1972).


Last but not least, another request by Ms Diana Ropp. A nice live performance from The Steve Miller Band - Rock'n Me (1976).


Some great live Budgie with Who Do You Want For Your Love. Saw these guys at the Red Lion Inn with about half of our class. All with fake IDs. I had blue eyes and sandy hair at that one. The bouncer just gave me a look. I think he was just impressed that I had the balls to try it!! (1975).


Some Smoke On The Water from the 1974 California Jam to handle some late night admin work (1974).



Some of my great friends from Columbus, Ohio, American Dog!! We'll be hearing these words come Friday and Saturday - Just One More