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08/03/08 07:11 AM #1    

Sharyn Chambers

jI just wanted to say sorry I didn't say good night to everyone, I was raised better than that. I wish everyone well good health much laughter & love in your lives. When we go back to our daily lives just remember the adults you became it's something to see us grown up with families & accomplishments. Pat yourselfs on the back I enjoyed seeing you all. Thank you for those especially making it possible & your hard work to make it happen. Mr Wasmer for having it & welcoming us to thier home. I was nervous for no reason. THANK YOU AGAIN & Please Take Care!
Sharyn and no Im not in Zimbawe. I am very computer illiterate.

08/04/08 01:44 PM #2    

Lyn Franczak (Majkowski)

Once again a splendid event. It was so cool seeing everyone again. So many memories flowing back into our brains when we collaberated over past events. Thank you so much to the Wasmer Family for opening up their Ranch and hearts to make this all possible. The Reunion Team really pulled it off again. One of the reasons these reunions are so successful is because it has a solid foundation. All your hard work is appreciated.
AWESOME Band especially the private showing afterwords. It will takes days for the horses to settle down after all that jammin. All and all we have our parents to thank for making it possible to attend such a Solid school. Of course God for blessing us all. Please stay healthy and in touch. Are we putting our pictures on SNAPFISH for everyone to share?
Love from NY,

08/08/08 08:54 PM #3    

Denise Frindt (Hutton)

One week after the event and I have still barely recovered. Reconnecting with everyone was so wonderful. Lynn you are right about the solid foundation we have. It is hard to explain what makes it all click. Great parents, good school, memorable teachers, 8 yrs of experiences and God have woven a thread into our lives that seems to have grown stronger with time. A special thank you to my golfing buddies, Brian, Pat, Don and Matt, I was really nervous at the start of the day. Thank you for making it such a fun one.

08/17/08 01:41 PM #4    


Michael Hart (Hart)

Hey Everyone... Thanks for a wonderful time. It certainly was great seeing everyone again - although I saw a bit to much of Finnegan and Tushar! Our photos and videos will be poste very soon....

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