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Holy Smokes!

Ok... so it's taken until today for me to recoup from the pre- post- and party parties to write this email, WOW! What an awesome reunion weekend!

Billy C should be back in Florida by now - let's hope he didn't have four more flat tires! ... Kim Medaglia flew back to Georgia (she kicked Maureen Scullin's and my butt all over the shuffleboards! NOT funny!)...  Called Maureen Arth to come over and party but she was on her way back to family in PA. It was 4 am when Gene left the after party at my place. I'm barely awake!

How about the wonderful words from Mr. Ike, Mr. Dresser and Justice O'Donnell? Truly impromptu, spoken from the heart and forever memorable. Thank you gentlemen, for guiding us as youths and reminding us of our track as adults. It's doubtful, a small ice cream sundae, ever refreshed the soul so fully... Ike, you likely didn't know the impact you made on so many at St. Brendan back in the day... I hope you felt a little bit come back to you this weekend... Your 'Ike Hikes' were the best! ... Detentions, ahhh, not so much!

Mr. Moir spent time with us Friday... Mayor Graven Saturday... Father Hollis showed us the foundations of Faith are alive and strong at St. Brendan. His celebration of Mass was perfect! Thank you Father Hollis. Our walk-thru of St. Brendan School was a reminder that green lasts forever and the halls keep getting smaller... It was especially reassuring to know that dedicated, experienced and caring people... Father Hollis, Fr. Woost, Principal Onacila... and others, continue the culture and traditions of our church and school. All of this, we celebrated.

It has been my sincere honor to host our St. Brendan Class of 73 Reunions... not only do I feel it a calling, but a responsibility. It's with the support of fellow classmates Lyn and Kevin and the extraordinary efforts of a special classmate, Finny - Brian Finnegan - that our reunions are successful. Thank you everyone... but most importantly, thank you Brian. If you had fun, thank Finny!

I've collected and scanned for our St. Brendan archive, items from Lyn, Therese, Denise and Kim Krysh. Thank you for trusting me with your memories; they're ready to be returned. If you have any pictures or videos taken during our reunion, please send them to me via email at: I think you can post reunion pics/vids on our Facebook Class Page  page , but I'm not sure... arrrggghhh! If you have success or challenges with our class FB page, call Mulloy. He knows all the FB stuff!

50 Shades Grayer... Wow! Had Mrs. Reynolds' asked us 'Where will you be 'Fifty-Three Years from now', I believe she would have given triple red check marks for answering 'Right Here'.

Thank you all, for being 50 Shades Grayer, Right Here.

Michael Hart