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04/09/15 08:04 PM #1    

Christine LeHeup

Hello Classmates!

I know I haven't done much to this page, I had hoped more people would sign up.  Please share this site with any of the classmates on the missing list you may be in contact with.  

I know it's a bit early, but I was also wondering how much of an interest there is in a 30th reunion?

If anyone else was thinking about planning one?  I don't want to step on anyone's feet, but I'd be happy to help.

If not would anyone be interested in helping plan one?  

This website has the ability to make a reunion page specifically to invite, and accept payments, keep track of classmates RSVP's  etc., which is why I was hoping to get as many classmates to join as possible.  It would make contacting and keeping everyone up to date so much easier.

Take care,

Chris LeHeup

04/10/15 05:38 PM #2    

Diane Silfies (Davidson)

I haven't heard of any plans. I hope there will be a 30th. I would do what I can from Texas. Such as emailing or researching classmates.

04/11/15 09:40 AM #3    

Karen Simons (Schaller)

I can help you with the next reunion. I'm sure Denise, Jen , and Tab would also help. 

11/11/15 12:38 AM #4    

Diane Silfies (Davidson)

Thanks for setting up the survey Chris. I'd like to suggest for the 30th reunion we offer a couple of events. Such as family friendly picnic in Sunday and adult only reunion on Saturday. I realize that's more work, but would offer options to all our classmates. Maybe even do potluck for the family picnic. Holding it at the community Park by the middle school would be appropriate.

11/11/15 12:41 PM #5    

Christine LeHeup

Thanks for the ideas Diane, I was thinking of that possibility, of multiple events, but not sure what yet.  I do like the picnic idea, and I don't think that would be too much work if I made it potluck.

I was thinking maybe an evening get together also, maybe after the reunion, or Friday night the same weekend. (Somewhere local, Gin Mill or Hammerhead)

Also if anyone else has any ideas or things they would like to see at the reunion or that weekend, please feel free to post on here. 

06/01/16 06:50 PM #6    

Christine LeHeup

Just wondered if anyone would be interested in a small (kid friendly) get together, sometime over the summer, at Bear Rock Junction? Thought it could be a fun get together whether you have kids, grandkids or not.

06/21/16 05:15 PM #7    

Christine LeHeup

I have planned a get together at Bear Rock Junction for July 17th, if you are on Facebook I made an event page at:

Please let me know if you can make it.

If not on Facebook please reply to this comment and let me know!

I made the event time from 1:00 - 5:00 pm but anyone can stay for however long you like of course, their hours are noon to 9:00 pm

If we have a large amount of people coming I plan to call ahead to see if they have group rates and if the pavillian is available that day.

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