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03/02/11 11:02 AM #1    


Anne Pinkowski

Welcome to the forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/28/11 02:01 AM #2    

Antonio Brooks

From Antonio Brooks-I think our class colors were orange and black because-Trick or Treat was our theme for Spirit Week our freshman year.

09/26/11 12:30 PM #3    

John Detwiler

Awesome reunion!! 

Many thanks to everyone who came.  Those who didn't missed out, and were missed!


10/01/11 08:12 AM #4    

Brian Bauer

Julie, thanks to you and all who helped your effort and results were really cool>   

10/10/11 01:16 PM #5    

John Detwiler

Hey, um...  Does anyone know how I can upload the reunion pics to this site?  Is there a way to make a master pic folder that is easily available to everyone (so I can upload the pics into it)?  And if so, can we do subfolders within it?  Yoohoo!  Anne?

The only way I see to do it presently is to put the pics into my profile.

10/28/16 12:48 PM #6    

Tommy Fullove

What is the procedure if we have a guest that will not be able to make it till about 9:30? Is there a discounted ticket? What about after 10pm? Is there a walk up discounted ticket price? How about tiered rates?

Tommy Fullove.

oh and whom ever posted about me dancing, that cost money...but you know this already.

10/29/16 11:25 AM #7    

Michael Hall

RE:  Thiomas Fullove

Hey man,

As luck would have it, my guest can't make it and I have an extra spot paid for. I'll take $50 or best offer if there is a way to work that out with the restaurant and Cathy J (or whoever else) so can whoever, pull some strings it work a mother fer a partial credit on his investment?


Just wondering!



Oh but don't fret!  I'll be there!


10/29/16 02:15 PM #8    

Rhonda Raineri (Diaz)

Hello Dragons, won't be able to make it tonight-youngest sick...pneumonia. Anyone interested in meeting up this summer in St. Helena? I can look into reserving bocce courts at Crane Park. I will miss seeing everyone tonight! Have fun.

10/30/16 09:30 AM #9    

Catherine Jorgensen (Martinsen)

Hi Rhonda,

So sorry to miss you last night. Hope your little one is feeling better soon. And yes, I think a summer get together in St. Helena is a wonderful idea! 😃 

Take care,


10/30/16 05:18 PM #10    

Rhonda Raineri (Diaz)

So fun to look at all of the pictures. Everyone looks amazing! Hard to believe 30 years have gone by. I am going to call Parks and Rec about reserving the bocce courts and picnic area. I'll let you know if I have any luck.   If anyone wants to come, it can be really simple - picnic, byob or wine, or more involved if people prefer that. My son is doing better - just did not feel right about being 2 hours away from him. He is only 21 months old. I was thinking that I probably would win "oldest mom of youngest child" if I had made it the reunion :) Good job with planning and throwing what looks like an awesome reunion!

11/16/16 03:43 PM #11    

Noel Ballon

Hey Rhonda I read that your son was ill and you couldn't make it. Family always comes first so no shame in that. I hope the little guy is doing better.

p.s. my son is only 2.5 yrs old so you may be oldest mom, but I KNOW I am oldest dad lol!!! Take care!

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