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Welcome Forest High School Class of 1980!

Welcome to the official web site. 

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR PROFILE!  Add pictures (old and new) and tell us something about yourself that has made life interesting over the past 40 years.   Don't be shy!  This website is a great way for us to reconnect and learn about who has had the most kids, interesting jobs, lived in the most states, moved the most, etc.  So, be sure to update your profile with as many pictures as possible.

You can also catch up with classmates on Facebook at OcalaForestClassof1980.



Hello Classmates!  This is Sheri Long on behalf of the committee! 

  • So, most of us were born in 1962 and are turning 62 this year (I'm already therelaugh!)  That's pretty cool, GROOVY man!! Is that what we would say back then?  LMBO
  • There was a mini get-together last April, so we should try to do another one of those soon - AND - plan the next BIG get-together as well.
  • IMPORTANT - Our website is no longer  Now you will go to: to login.  I'll correct this if that doesn't get us to this page.  Bookmark it, because I'm hoping we start getting a lot of info out to each classmate through here and that will make it easier for you to find us.
  • A lot of us are on Facebook. If you are, but haven't joined our Class group, please go there now and join - we share a lot of announcements there. Here is the link OR search OcalaForestClassof1980.
  • Ok - so now that you have those updates, I would be so happy if each of you would visit the missing classmates section. (I've attached the list below this email)  If you know anyone on the list, please click on their name and provide whatever info you have.  And, I've not looked in awhile, so let me know as well -  I'll follow up.
  • Below WAS our committee for the reunion, but I'm not sure everyone on it is able to assist now.  If you have ANY interest in being involved in the planning or even the conversation, please let me know - again, either text me - 352-209-1005, message me on Facebook through the group page or email me at the email address above.  WE WILL HOLD MEETINGS BY ZOOM for those not in the area and to increase the chances of a productive meeting.
  • The more we have to help, the less everyone will have to be responsible for.  In all fairness, I could probably plan the whole thing, but well...we would still need a committee to make the plans.  I don't want to do it alone - just saying, I'll do whatever I can to bring it together.
  • One more request - PLEASE update your profile on here - we want to make sure we get to as many as possible!  Include pictures - we may not recognize one another otherwise...this is a soft approach before we actually get together :-)

QUESTIONS?  Please - let me know and I'll share with the "tentative" committee we already have in place.

Lisa Knorr - President - She is definitely on the committee

(Alphabetical order)

Dan Andrews

Cathy Beebe

Nancy Alvarez Bruce

Steve Dixon

Laceta Mathis Leonard

Sheri Long - me, 352-209-1005,, Facebook: 

Randy Smith

MISSING CLASSMATES - PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ANY OF THESE.  THANKS!  Some of these I do know where they are, but they aren't a member on this site.

Ronny Lee Avery 
Melissa Anne Balbes 
Robert Lynn Boren 
Robert Brennan 
Beth Bronfman 
Michael David Brown 
Rita Fay Brown 
Maria Bueno 
Suzanne Bullard 
James David Callaway 
Cheryl Cano (Jones) 
David Chalker 
Mike Chambless 
Tammie Charron 
Kenneth Dell Crews 
Wiley Daughtery 
Andrea Davis 
Kim Davis 
Roberta Deleva 
April DeMenzes 
Thuy Doan 
Mary Maria Dukes 
Wilburt Dupree 
Raymond Wayne Elfers 
Fred Howard Evick Jr. 
Sonya Felder 
Leslie Ford 
Teri Freeman 
Eric Fritz 
Linda Geisel (Weaver) 
Salvatore Giardina 
Keith Gibson 
Danny Tyrone Godfrey 
Robbie Golden 
Henry Goldsmith 
Dorothy Goodson 
Lisa Gray 
Patty Guest 
James Vincent Hagans 
Ralph Hagar 
Becky Haggerty 
Charles Hanson 
Julie Harrison 
David Harward 
Carla Hensley 
Marcus Hilton 
Moton Hopkins 
Terri Howells 
Tim Hunter 
Collis Edward Huntington 
Mike Jackson 
Cynthia Johnson 
Dean Johnson 
Leslie Johnson 
Allene Jordon 
Cyndi Kaegi 
John Kelsey 
Clifford King 
Willie King 
Colt Kirkland 
Debra Kirkland 
Michael Knight 
Danny Lawson 
Martha Leithold 
Michelle Lentz 
Chris Lewis 
Lucious Lightsey 
Lisa Livingston 
Hope Maloy 
Carmen Maxey 
Cheryl McCants 
Melissa McCullah 
Cynthia McCully 
Willie McHellon 
Lisa Milow 
Jessie Mobley 
Wilma Mobley 
Betty Moore 
Sheila Morrison 
Lotorya Moss 
Cassie Murphy 
Teddy Wayne Murphy 
Chriss Murray 
Sheila Myers 
Sheri Neeman 
Cathy Neff 
Mike Newson 
Demita Newton 
Jesse Parker 
Cherie Parrish 
Ken Patty 
Shatoya Paxton 
Amy Peel 
Ben Pernice 
Rosalyn Pete 
Susan Pfefferle 
Henry Pittman 
Sherry Plante 
Rufus Ramsey 
Greg Read 
Teresa Richard 
Sheila Richards 
Linda Riela 
Lance Roberts 
Pernell Roberts 
Charles Roe 
Robin Rose 
Darnell Roundtree 
Charles Rumans 
Gwen Russ 
Rhea Sancho 
Janie Schlenker 
David Scott 
Kelvin Scott 
Schantz Scott 
Ben Serrano 
Jeff Sharp 
Kendra Shaw 
Ron Silbergerg 
Mike Sims 
Duane Slack 
Terry Smith 
Lafayette Smothers 
Gwen Sparks 
Sheridan Stewart 
James Strange 
Eugene Straughan 
Norma Swede 
Calvin Taylor 
Cassandra Terrell 
Cheryl Thomas 
Debbie Thomas 
Liz Tilchin 
Pinke Tillman 
Greg Varnadoe 
Nancy Wade 
Mitzie Walker 
Wendy Walker 
Joanne Washington 
Marc Weaver 
Martin Weaver 
Matt Weaver 
Greg Webb 
Dale Weil 
Alexandra Wells 
Jeff Wigelsworth 
Theresa Wilhoit 
Lorraine Wilkerson 
Theodora Wilkerson 
Marty Williams 
Angelique Willing 
Sonya Witt 
Debbie Wittulski 
Penni Wittulski 
Robert Wood 
William Woodbury 
Hattie Wright 
Leonard Wright 
Mark Yandle 
Bruce Youmins 
Frank Zannit 

Guest Members

Debbie Alexander 
Willie Anderson 
Lori Billheimer 
Edward Bing 
Tom Blair 
Diane Bracey 
Cathy Brightwell 
Donna Brown 
Diana Caracciolo 
Mike Clements 
Kent Cohen 
John Condoleo 
Bridget Cook 
Lisa Cotton 
Melissa Coyel (Cunningham) 
Richard Cruce 
Tommy Curtin 
Judy Daily 
Carol Day 
Demetrice Dempsey 
Jean Difronzo 
Vito Difronzo 
Jesse Dill 
Mary Dore 
Ladonna Dunn 
William Edwards 
Arthur Exley 
Roxie Exley 
Sandra Ferguson 
Peggy Finger (Close) 
Dalphine Fitch 
Treomedia Flax 
Terry Germani 
James Goad 
Michael Goodson 
Carey Hamilton 
Rose Harrison 
Penny Hart 
Terry Haydon 
Wayne Henderson 
Dean Highsmith 
Debra Hippler 
Mark Homer 
Tom Hooper 
Virginia Hunter 
Eric Hutcheson 
Edward Jackson 
Devinci James 
David Jones 
Connie Kersey 
Pat Lakin 
Brian Lowery 
Bobbiejean Marshall 
Danny Marshall 
Mike Mayer 
Ric McCutcheon 
Kim McLaughlin 
Lana Nevills 
Coach & Norma Romeo 



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