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03/14/09 10:09 AM #1    


Linda Thompson (Lawson)

Welcome to the Odessa High School Class Of 1984 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/30/09 09:17 AM #2    

Debbie Price (Guildoo)

You have done a wonderful job Linda! Debbie Guildoo

04/01/09 10:24 AM #3    

Cynthia M Cortez (Ray)

Condolences to Carolyn Reschman and her family for the loss of her sister Cynthia Reschman.

04/29/09 02:47 PM #4    

Terry Weatherly

Just wanted to know if anyone wants to get together on friday for a informal hello.

05/09/09 06:00 PM #5    

Kathy Cullison

A few of us from out of town that are arriving early Friday was thinking of going to Grahams Friday night - ANYONE GAME???? HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!

05/16/09 04:30 PM #6    

Stephanie Taylor (Best)

Hey Linda and everybody else wanted to let you know. What a great job that you have been doing of just getting in touch with everyone. Hope to see ya there and Continued blessing. Love ya all. Stephanie Taylor aka better known as Puddin.

05/20/09 10:55 AM #7    

Lisa A. Harris-Castlemen (Lisa A. Crosby)

Hey Linda----
Kudos to you again for all of your hard work on the reunions and this web-sight. We all appreciate you and I have loved communicating with some of our "old" buddies. This is great! Thanks again......Lisa Crosby (Harris)

06/04/09 10:25 PM #8    

Jennifer Crombie (Evans)

Fantastic site, thanks Linda for your dedication and hard work, you are appreciated. Have enjoyed this site tremendously getting to talk to old friends and updates on everyone. Jennifer

06/10/09 10:17 PM #9    

Molly Graham (Chandler)

As always, Linda Lou Cosmic Boom, you've outdone yourself and made the rest of us look like the losers we are!! Just Kidding! Let's all party at my house the Friday before the reunion. Then we can all go from there!
The whole 84 class is invited!

06/15/09 03:33 PM #10    

Tim White


I will be there, but will not be playig golf. Friday evening sounds good to me and the rest of the class.

06/17/09 08:36 PM #11    

Oralia Gonzalez (Yanez)

Hey Linda,

Thanks for all your hard work...we appreicate you and
all you have the web site. Looking forward
to a fun reunion. thanks again

06/22/09 10:03 AM #12    

Mistie Sullivan (Mistie Cadman)

Linda, thank you so much for putting all of this together. It was fun and the site is throughly enjoyable. I hope more people take time to input information about themselves. It is fun reading about everyone and their families! A big warm fuzzy! :0)


06/23/09 06:55 PM #13    

Cynthia M Cortez (Ray)

It was good to see everyone and of course there is never enough time to actually sit down and talk to everyone as much as we'd like. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone and revisiting what has been going on with all. Thanks Linda, this was great and I am sure we all had an awesome time.

10/01/09 05:00 PM #14    

Traci Powell (Authement)

Hey everyone! I just found all of you again. This site is wonderful. I am really excited to reconnect. I missed the reunion so I have alot of catching up to do. That is between planning my daughter and step daughter's wedding both next year June and July. I tried to brib them into the JP office (not really). I am glad we have a few months there is alot to do.

Anyway...A friend of mine that graduated a few years after us is on her way to Odessa this weekend. She is picking us up some hot sauce from Taco Villa while she is there. You wouldn't believe how much I miss it! I know its lame but hey a craving is a craving. kwim

10/31/09 01:15 PM #15    

Cynthia M Cortez (Ray)

Awesome that Odessa High football has finally become the Friday Night Lights of 2009/2010... Way to go Big Red...

04/15/10 07:59 PM #16    

Sallie Blair

04/15/10 08:01 PM #17    

Sallie Blair

What is the count now...six or so e-mails re: subject?

Hope you are well, are so awesome!!!

11/05/10 06:34 PM #18    

Jennifer Crombie (Evans)

Yea Cynthia Cortez I noticed you wrote one about a year ago about OHS and football. Wasn't it awesome and such a sweet victory to see OHS beat PERMIAN again this year!! Way to go guys, back to back wins. 2009-2010. We put the whoopin on them pussy cats!! LOL No more MOJOKE!! Goodluck OHS beat Midland LEE too to get the chance to go to the playoffs 2010, I hope you do it!

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