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09/22/16 08:37 PM #7    


Howard Williams

Hi everyone. Sorry I could not make it. Previous commitment was inked in nearly year ago.  Lord willing, hope to make our 60th. Did anybody take pictures? Hopefully they can post them soon. Warmest regards to all. Howard

09/23/16 01:04 PM #8    


Don Bradley

I want to echo the comments made from my fellow classmates on this forum, thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to put on the 55th class reunion.  You did a great job!  I think most of us will agree that at this stage in our life's we can truly say that we have far more "yesterdays" than we have "tommorows".  The reunion provided an opportinity to share with our classmates, hallmates and friends some of the memories from those yesterdays and hopefully set up a platform for future dialog with those whom we grew up and went to school   with for those tommorows. Again, thanks to all who were part of the planning, it was so great to see all who had a chance to attend.  Looking forward to number "60".   Don Bradley



09/23/16 01:22 PM #9    

David Burgess

Great that everyone had a wonderful time!

Sorry I missed it but I had a previous commitment

at the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon.

Sun on my face and sand on my toes!


Maybe the next one!

09/23/16 08:38 PM #10    

Barbara Scoville (Deaver)

sorry we could not make it to the reunion  would loved  to have been there.  we  were at our 7th great grand childs  birth        barbara scoville deaver  



12/16/16 01:13 PM #11    


Dr. Lance Parker

I read through the '61 Memory page this morning. So many many memories.

I always knew I would get old...but I didn't think it would happen so fast.

12/19/16 10:33 AM #12    

David Burgess

​Yes, it is fitting to miss those that are gone.

However, we are many left to cherish as classmates and friends!

​Perhaps we grow old too fast but it IS better than the alternative!

​I have been around the world more than twice, seen war, seen The Wall,

​even seen Baltimore and IT HAS BEEN A RUSH!!

​Get out and travel!

God bless all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

07/25/17 07:05 PM #13    


David R. Albright


May 14. We flew up to SLC rented a car and drove to Ogden. Attended a family funeral (Sisters husband - ALS). Flew back home next day. 

May 22 We flew to Tuscon AZ. John and Susan recently moved from Phoenix to Sierra Vista AZ. That is 1 hour drive south of Tuscon. We flew out to Arizona to visit them and to attend our Grandson Isaac's High School Graduation. 

While in high school Isaac took after normal high school hours University of Arizona college classes. Completed a lot of credit hours so he starts college with English, physics and math out of the way. 

While visiting them Pat and I drove 30 minutes down to and crossed the Mexico border at Naco Mexico. Crossing the Mexico border was a 'Walk through'. Returning to the US was a walk through - only needed to show our passports. 

Next September we plan to fly 2 hours back to Cancun for our annual visit. 

Today 25 July 2017 our Texas thermometer reads to 97° outside with a 109° Heat Index. Time for a beer and quick afternoon swim. Pool water is a pleasant 89°. 


Dave and Pat

07/25/17 07:06 PM #14    


David R. Albright


BTW, I tried replacing (uploading) my profile photo not the high school photo. I was in the EDIT mode and got ERR said something about the ADMIN issue, you can't do that here "Sorry David R. ( ! !), you cannot overwrite admin uploaded profile photos.." 

Might be nice if there were written requirements for photo dimensions H x W, file type JPG, Tif or .png and photo file Kb size for best resolution. Yes we have Photoshop. Thanks for your help.

07/25/17 07:09 PM #15    


David R. Albright

I should mention that Pat and I have been married now for 50 years as of 13 July 2017.

Its not so much about the wedding... as it and still is our life long marriage.  

Those who continue to bath together stay together.  LOLLLLL  Nuf said.

08/06/17 07:12 PM #16    


David R. Albright

Thank you Barbara for fixing my Master image.  Much sharper now.

Solution is to always upload the original sized image from your smartphone/ camera.  Then use this sites photo editor to resize and white balance the resulting image.

I think my Samsung Galaxy s7 curve image was 3648 x 2736 pixels.  The photo editor resized it down to 153 w x 207 h px very small but displays sharp.

Added "this site needs an image around  625 w x 700 h px image" for Master Image  to my lessons learned book.

Thanks for your help today.

Dave still at

08/06/17 08:09 PM #17    


Jean Henderson

Barbara, I hate to ask this because it must have been so much work putting our yearbook pictures on all our profiles (I love that you did that) but would you take a look at mine please.  It wasn't the greatest picture to start with because it was faded but maybe you can fix it a little bit.  I think this site is so well done so want to send you guys a big Thank You!!!  Having moved away from Utah for so long it's been fun for me.  Jean Henderson



08/08/17 08:03 PM #18    


David R. Albright

Hi Jean,

I suspect that the year book pictures were reproduced on a professional electronic scanner and were a one time completed by others and paid for task.  Those images represent a 1961 year book photoset 'slice of time'.

This site does provide an opportunity for you to provide your own 'Now' photo.  Actually, I like your Now Photo It is a picture of yourself as you are now.

That is what we did and you did too... and now we can see what you look like 'now'.  Actually I rather like our Now photo... mature, world traveled, married for 50 years,surprise retired at 56 .... on and on.  Think I had better stop!

I am glad you asked your question.  And I like your NOW 'Selfie' image.  I'd keep it as is.

LOLLL,  We are done now.

Dave still at


08/09/17 10:34 AM #19    


David R. Albright

Ok... decided that "I can do this".  I needed to locate my 1961 yearbook.  

Took 2 days to find it.  YES, in a hidden box ..... LOLL yes in the garage.
30 seconds to cell phone take a picture of a Jeans picture.
2 minutes in Photoshop to crop, white balance and remove unnecessary edges.
Then uploaded it to my web server and link it into this comment.   

You should be able mouse hover over the photo then right mouse button click and 'save image as' to your computer.  Then it will be on your computer to do with as you wish.

One issue... the photo was printed on textured yearbook page paper so there is alot of grain in the photo.

Jean Henderson 1961



08/12/17 05:43 PM #20    


David R. Albright

Today is August 12.  

Hmmm no one is home.

08/12/17 06:25 PM #21    


Jean Henderson


Dave, you are awsome!!!  I seriously can't belive you took the time to do this.  I never liked my senior picture and always hoped it didn't look like me haha.  You did a fantastic job.  It is now in my computer.  Wow, such a nice thing to do.

Fun to read about you.  Married fifty years, retired at fifty-six, come on!  It sounds like a life well lived.

Thank you, again


08/12/17 07:06 PM #22    


David R. Albright

Yes, You are quite welcome.  Glad to help you with your need for a better self portrait image.

It was only a matter of learning that you needed a better year book photo.  Anyone with a smart cell phone with a camera... probably will achieved the same results.

Its not a matter of what you know now... its just knowing where to go to find out more about it.

Need imaging help.. just hollar

Great to be retired and have time to help others in need.

You mentioned "Married fifty years, retired at fifty-six"

Does read a bit odd.  Chronology:  All things in perspective

Both Pat and I were born 1943.
Both of us are now 74 years young.
Pat and I married in 1967 both of us were 24. (1967+50=2017)
Our twin sons David and John were born in 1968 now 49 years old.
I retired in November 1999. (1943+56=1999)

Pat retired July 2010 RadioShack Corporate Headquarters in Fort Worth Texas.

Go figure? Yes, I had to recalulate the numbers too. LOLLL laughMath works !

Are we having fun yet ????  
Y'all take care now.

Dave and Pat
Still in Texas

08/13/17 11:05 AM #23    


David R. Albright

1. Backyard after last nights rain.

A pillow of mixed Zinnias and Texas Sage in full bloom.  The Texas Sage seems to forecast rain 2 or 3 days before a rain by blooming.

Zinnia Mix colors and Texas Sage in pink full bloom

08/13/17 11:13 AM #24    


David R. Albright

2. Squirrel 1 - Feeder 0

Recently local brown squirrel learned how to climb the feeder pole and eat lunch from the bird feeder.

Squirrel at Lunch

08/13/17 11:58 AM #25    


David R. Albright

3.  Feeder 1 squirrel 0

I created a squirrel counter measure that appears to be affective.  I placed a 3/4 inch diameter pvc pipe around the metal feeder pole. I also washed and car waxed the pvc pole. The squirrels fingers and toes are getting a loose grasp on the pole.  

Now the squirrel can leap to the highest point on the pole...

but slides slowly down the waxed pole to the ground.  After a while it got tired and slowly walked away from the feeder sad

I made a 20 second long .mp4 video with my smart phone showing the action.  I uploaded it to my server.  I made a snapshot with my video software.  

Click here to see the movie from our web site.   Slow slide to bottom

For Chrome and other web browsers click the above link to download to your computer.. then right mouse click this download and choose OPEN and it will open in new window. surprise

08/14/17 09:42 AM #26    


David R. Albright

Flowering Texas Sagebush was correct again.  

This morning around 2 - 3am Central Texas DST we got 1.29 inches of rain and a spectacular lightening/ thunder event.

3 hours ago - Flood Advisory issued.
Today: Sunshine all day with expected high temperature 99° with 105° Heat Index


08/15/17 07:23 PM #27    


David R. Albright

Hmmm... no one home today.

03/05/18 07:28 AM #28    

Richard Bennion

To Christy Shaw Griffin,  so sorry to read about the loss of your husband, my sincere condolences to you and family.

Richard Bennion

03/06/18 10:28 PM #29    

Ferron Oaks (Oaks)

Thanks Richard for making us aware of Christy's loss.

Christy, I too am sincerly sorry for your loss. I am sure you have many beautiful memories to reflect on while you look forward to being reunited in the hereafter. 

Take care, Ferron

01/02/19 09:41 PM #30    

Howard Klein

Like many of you, I was shock by the news of Richard’s passing. He lives just up the street from where we live now. I have seen him and spoken to him on a number of occasions and will miss him too.

09/01/21 05:39 PM #31    

Myra Fleming (Tams)

I'm sending a huge thanks to our 60th  Reunion Committee.  It was great to see so many and remember those who have really graduated this existance.  Wish you all could have been to Clark's place.  He hosted us all in his beautiful valley.  Thanks Clark for being so generous and kind.  I'm looking forward to our next, event, (sure hope we don't have to wait too many years)  Thanks everyone, stay well and safe. Godspeed

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