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Tech Historical News Editorial

Excerpts from the editor of  the Tech Daily News throughout the years.




(printed from Technical News August 16, 1929)

   It has come.  "Lingeritis" has invaded the venerable halls and stairways of Tech.  Quite a few of our students seem to be afflicted with this almost incurable malady, whose deadly symptoms are a desire to "poke" along the halls and to linger lovingly on the steps.  The fact that you are in a hurry does not effect these people in the least.  If you are late to class, well, it's your class, why should they worry?

   The fact that the halls and stairways are no place to stop and chat does not seem to be impressed upon the minds of some of our most brilliant students.  No one likes to be late to class even when it is absolutelly unavoidable, but when some one deliberately makes you late by loitering on the stairway, and thus obstructing your passage, you are liable to think very harsh thoughts about that person.

  How would you like to have, say, two minutes to get to class, and then have to walk in late, because of somone else's carelessness?  Not very well, would you.  What is the best way to remedy this?  That's simple, all that is necessary, is that each pupil go direct to his or her class, preceeding down the halls at a moderate rate of speed, not lovingly lingering over each step, nor stopping to talk in stairways, or in halls.  If everyone will do this the tardies are sure to decrease by a great percentage.  Let's drive "Lineritis" out of Tech High School!

Don't Wait

(printed from Tech News November 18, 1949)

   "Putting things off" is one of the American's favorite habits.  We all do it at some time or other, and that's all right, but when we make a practice of it we should do something to stop it.

   After being absent from school, we find it fairly easy to make up about five or six lessons in one or two days; but when it comes to daily preparations, we just barely make it.  We try doing our English in our shorthand class, and unless we're lucky there we'll probably have to make up our shorthand in psychology, and so on.  While all along it would have been much simpler and wiser to have done it the night before at home.

   We all probably have at least one friend who is always late for appointments, or putting things off till the last minute, like cleaning the closet or straightenign up their room, and if they don't do something about this bad habit they will finally get the reputation that they can't be depended on. 

   "Putting things off" is the definition for the word procrastination, and the people who practice it are not really intentionally dishonest but their friends notice it and slowly lose faith in them.  Many people think, "well, I have a whole week to do my lesson; I'll just wait till I have more time."  The week goes by very quickly and they remember their task just barely in time to get it done.

   But we don't always remember the things that we have put off, and then we are just out of luck.  Today, make yourself believe that it doesn't pay to delay, for the sake of ourselves and those who associate with us.

What High School Means

(printed from Tech Daily News July 7, 1924)

Why are we at Technical High School? How many of us have asked ourselves this question?  Why do we study English? history? community civics? algebra?  Why do we hand in papers?  Why do we study for tests?

Do we hand in a paper to please a teacher?  Is the teacher the one to be satisfied?  Do we come to school for the teacher?   One of the sorriest spectacles in school life is the student who thinks he is doing the teacher a favor by doing the work assigned him by that teacher.

We are at Technical High School that we may obtain the best education that a school can offer,  that we may be able to give back to the world the best there is in us.

English, history, community civics and algebra are all subjects which enable us to do the work which we will be called upon to do in later life.  It is for ourselves and for society and not for teachers that we do our work.

Good Impression

(printed from Tech Daily News July 8, 1924)

By making a good impression at the start, you will save a lot of trouble

by not having to knock off the rough spots later on.


(printed Tech Daily News July 10, 1924)

All of us in our high school career, to a certain extent, wish to reach the goal of popularity.  The source of achieving this popularity is in home room.   But there must be a method by which to be come acquainted.  That way is through the activities in home room.

Popularity is not, by far, the main reason, however, for home room activities.

One chief reason for them is to train every one of us to be the right type citizen and to contribute to our fullest extent to any cause which may need our assistance.

If anyone of us is asked to entertain the home room, or has been chosen for an office, let us accept the duty gladly and perform our work whole-heartedly. 

Boost the fine co-operation which all of us now enjoy.  Let us prove that we are citizens who are an asset to our school, not a liability.