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06/14/09 08:34 PM #1    

Ruth Ann Reischman (Heisserer)

OK, I'm going to be the first to say that I thought Rod did a FANTASTIC job of getting us all together. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day and I wish it had lasted longer. There were still a few of you I didn't get to talk to. After 40 years, six hours to catch up with 26 other folks doesn't quite cut it for me.

As the old saying goes, Make new friends, but keep the hold, one is silver and the other gold. Yesterday I met with some golden friends, and I truly hope we can stay in touch now that we've got this website. My high school years were an important part of who I am now and I thank each of you for playing your part in that.

Love & God bless each of you, Ruth

06/14/09 10:44 PM #2    

Terry Irwin


I totally agree with you! It was a fantastic reunion, and Rod did an EXCELLENT job of putting it together!

I've not had more fun since....well, since throwing Steve Ruffin out of my car!


06/15/09 10:42 AM #3    

Richard Graviett

I too had a great time meeting up with my classmates. I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Sadler and Mrs. Wrather. I did take video of the reunion and will edit the footage as time permits and make it available on DVD. Most of you already know that I have our graduation night and our 25 year reunion on DVD. Both were shown at our reunion Saturday. Those are also available by getting in touch with me through this forum or you can contact me at

My hat is off to Rodney for making our 40 year reunion a huge success!

06/16/09 11:07 AM #4    

Deborah Haynes (Harris)

A big THANKS to Rodney and to all who assisted in making our Class Reunion the best. Hope we can do it again next year!


06/16/09 11:41 PM #5    

Richard Graviett

I think we should have all lined up for a group photo while at our 40th class reunion. It was a mistake that we didn't do that.

06/17/09 12:12 AM #6    

Terry Irwin

Yeah....Rodney, Steve and I were talking about that later that afternoon. I guess everyone was too excited about being there to think of it. Even with that mistake, it was still a great gathering!


06/17/09 07:49 AM #7    

Rodney LeGrand

I had a great time at the reunion. I've already mentioned to a couple of people that it was so much fun to be around the old gang and to feel young again. I just didn’t want it to end. I found myself driving back to St Louis on Sunday smiling the whole way as I reminisced about those days.

And yes, we missed the boat by not getting a group picture. We've started posting pictures of the reunion on the website under the menu item at the upper left side titled, "Reunion Pictures". If you have pictures that you want added, contact me at RODL@RJLGML.COM.

06/17/09 01:23 PM #8    

Mark Tenkhoff

I just want to say how great it was seeing everyone. After 40 yrs. I don't think we all look that bad. We really did have a great group of people in that class.

Just want to tell Terry, Steve R. and Doug that sitting at our table was something I won't forget. That's probably the closest I will ever get to going back in time with you men. It was an honor.

Rod, you and everyone else associated with putting this on, I just say thanks.

And Marvin, You are a stallion.

Take care,


06/18/09 09:01 AM #9    

Steven Ruffin (Ruffin)

What a great time! To Rod and everyone who helped him put it together, thanks a million for doing it. I haven't had so much fun in ages. I've been feeling the need to reconnect with all of you, and it was the perfect format for doing just that. Everyone looked great--in fact, the ladies seem prettier than ever before (how do you do that?). It was almost like traveling back in time.

Now, let's all use this awesome website to stay in touch!

Best wishes to each and every one of the Class of '69,


06/22/09 05:36 PM #10    

Brenda Cook (Riley)

I had a great time, too, and appreciate all the work that made it a success. The afternoon was just too short. After looking forward to the reunion since last fall, I'm really disppointed that it's over. Hopefully, we can all stay in touch.


07/05/09 12:13 AM #11    

Terry Irwin

Just logged on and found the Photobucket pictures of the reunion. Almost as good as being there! Thanks, Rod!!


07/14/09 10:59 PM #12    

Ruth Ann Reischman (Heisserer)

I just saw the pictures too. Thanks to all who contributed -- it takes me back to a wonderful afternoon. Hope everyone is doing great. Ruth

07/25/09 07:26 PM #13    

Rodney LeGrand

I want to give a special thanks to Richard Graviett for providing all of the videos. He spent a great deal of time editing them, and they are FANTASTIC. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed watching them, and I think you will enjoy them just as much. (If you like them, post a message to Richard on the “Message Forum”, or send him an email direct at:

11/20/09 09:48 AM #14    

Terry Irwin


November 27 is looming......


02/02/14 07:37 PM #15    

Delbert Phillips

Hi Everybody!

Just want you all to know my last day to work was Jan. 29, 2014.  I am officially retired!  No more cold, wet nights working in the mud.  No more swing shifts and missing family birthdays and holidays.  It's been a long 35 years.


02/03/14 02:05 PM #16    

Deborah Haynes (Harris)

Congrats Delbert.  I have gone to 20 hours per week.  Love it.  The next step will be full retirement.




02/05/14 06:52 PM #17    

Delbert Phillips

When do you think we can have another class reunion!  It's been five years now.

02/05/14 07:19 PM #18    

Phyllis Ford (Robertson)

Congratulations, Delbert. I'm sure you will enjoy it.


07/05/14 03:58 PM #19    

Delbert Phillips

Thanks to those who came to alumni luncheon.  There was only four of us.  Maybe we can do better on our 50th.

07/07/14 09:18 AM #20    

Deborah Haynes (Harris)

Delbert,  I am sorry I couldn't make it for the reunion.  Maybe we should have another one before our 50th.  That is another 5 years!


05/22/18 09:22 PM #21    

Delbert Phillips

Hey People!  Our 50th reunion is in 2019. Do we want to get together?  You can email me at





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