Julie Livingstone Campbell

Profile Updated: September 28, 2010
Residing In: Wagga Wagga, New South Wales Australia
Spouse/Partner: Graeme
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Children: 3 boys Nick (20yrs) Jake (17yrs) Liam (13yrs

Moved to Wagga in1983 to start nurses training , met husband in 1984 ,stayed in wagga.Worked as a nurse at both hospitals in Wagga .Very involved in kids schools -canteens ,fund raising etc.Diagnosed with bowel cancer in march 2005 have just passed the 5 years in remission mark.

School Story:

School Memories: Desert boots & school tunics -quite a fashion statemement especially with all the baby oil we put on our legs (why did we do that?)
Playing touch footy at lunch time against the boys and being told by a teacher (?who) that it was unladylike and the boys were only playing with us so they could 'touch us' .We were outraged -surely that was not true.
Mr MacNeils' comb over blowing in the wind at assembly.
The whole class being sent out one day by ? Mr Schwab because we were trying to sneak our desks forward everytime he turned his back -obviously we were not very good.
Year 9 english Mr Williams showing us Modern books can be studied I still remember Penningtons 17 th Summer.Mr Williams made me want to learn we were very sad when his fiancee was killed in a car accident.
Year 10 english back to ancient texts of Chaucer,Donne and Shakespere with Mr Thorpe.
Eric Jacobs picking netball for sport but never being allowed to play it.I always wondered what he would have done if he was allowed and if he would have worn a skirt.
Goofy (Peter Daniels) being the first (and possibly the last ) boy I ever knew who had their hair permed.
Sneaking out at lunch time to go to Bashams store for lollies .Getting caught by Mr Fokes trying to get back in.Bribing him with snakes and strawberries and creams plus a promise never to do it again.I am sorry Mr Fokes but I am pretty sure we did do it again.
Mr Burke turning up at our Biology HSC exam with a bag of Jelly babies for each of us to give us energy for the exam.
The wedding party at Di Farleys house when Lady Diana married prince charles.Apologies to Phil Regan for the bucket of water we threw on him.
The chinese party at Sandras where we made fantastic fried ice cream and convinced Melita that Soy Sauce was an alcholic drink.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 4:07 PM
Julie and Liam 13 years
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 4:07 PM
Nick 20, Liam 13 and Jake 17
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 at 4:07 PM
Graeme, Nick, Jake and Liam on Liam's first day at high school this year