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The Class of '76 45th Reunion

has been called off due to Covid.

Updates will follow if/when the situation is resolved!

Dear Class of ’76:
We made it another 5 years! It was touch and go in Panama City for a while. As you know, we got hit dead on by a Cat 5 hurricane and before we could recover from that, a Pandemic hit us. As we started planning our reunion, most of the country was on shut down or at least had limits on the number of people who could be together. Venues that had facilities for gatherings had increased their prices greatly since before the storm. They all wanted large deposits that you would lose if Covid, a hurricane or anything else caused you to not use the room. The rooms were so expensive that we would have been at $100.00 a head before even thinking about food, music, drinks, decorating etc. We just did not feel that was good stewardship of our money, especially the way things stood with Covid at the time.
Finally, we ran into a Bay High graduate that had a solution for us. It’s a bit “out of the box” from our normal reunions but it will work and also lets us leave our start up money for the next reunion…the BIG 50! So, (can I have a drumroll please?), the Bay High Class of 1976 is having it’s 45th reunion on September 25, 2021 at Sisters of the Sea on Thomas Drive! AND (trumpet blast) it will cost you exactly $0.00 to attend! Yes, that is zero. Don’t do back flips yet, you might spend some money, but maybe not.
We have not finished negotiating all the details, but as it stands today…if you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, it is a cash bar. If you wish a sit down dinner, you order off their menu and eat. We may have some appetizers, but that has not been decided. So, you only spend on things that you want.
For those of you who have never been to Sisters, it is located at 3901 Thomas Drive, PCB, 32408, and there is a pool with Mermaids. I don’t know what time the Mermaids are there. But since we will be outside by the pool, the dress is Florida tourist meaning for women a sun dress, capris or even shorts. For men, shorts or slacks. Of course, if you want to wear your new little, black dress or a tux, we’re not going to kick you out, but you’ll be hot and miserable. Personally, I don’t care what you wear, I just want to see you! Our list of those not with us anymore is growing larger and frankly, I’d like to see you while we are still alive.
Many of our Panama City people have moved because of the hurricane. I’m sure some from other places have moved, too. Please check the website and be sure we have your current address. We will have more information as the time draws nearer, but mark this weekend on your calendar. The website address is www.bhsclassof76.com
Teresa Hobbs Sheffield is lining up our venue for Friday night. As usual, it's a come if you want to, drop in thing. I would tell you where, but as she has not given them the date yet, my luck it would not work out on that date.
All details have not been completely finalized, and both this page and the website will be updated as they are. We know we have had several deaths since the last one, but to be sure we have them all, feel free to message me or Beth.
See you soon!
Cay Commander

Check our Bay High Class of 1976 Facebook page for details also!!


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•   Constance (Connie) Taylor (Brown)  1/7
•   Brenda Brogdon (Adams)  12/20
•   Kelli Burgess (Montali)  12/20
•   Beth Thompson  8/10
•   Helen Irving  8/10
•   James "Chip" Hall  7/9
•   Liz Carpenter (Trahan)  7/9
•   Katie Lawrence (Baker)  7/9
•   Barbara Fiser (Wiggins)  7/9
•   Thomas McAdam Jr  7/9
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