In Memory

Jerry Hildon Jones

Jerry Hildon Jones

From San Gabriel Valley Trubune – 03/04/2014

Jerry passed away suddenly on Feb. 5, 2014 in his home in San Dimas. He is survived by his wife,
Patricia, his two children, William and Stephanie, mother-in-law, Nadine, and sister Penelope "Penne"
Fode. A Memorial was held on Feb 16th at San Dimas Canyon Park.

Jerry grew up in Pasadena and moved to San Dimas in 1992 while he still pursued his interest in
Pasadena History and nostalgia. He served in the Air Force in Vietnam and worked for Resdel
Engineering in Arcadia and Magellan GPS in San Dimas. He loved to make people laugh and is dearly

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03/29/16 04:45 PM #1    

Cindy Warden (La Sance)

Our dear Jerry-  He was the one who got this whole thing started.  I loved his postings of Facebook and how he brought us all together.  

03/30/16 07:06 AM #2    

Irith Gottfeld (Harpster)

I didn't know Jerry in high school but met him when he started the "Pasadena: Places I Remember" website. We corresponded back and forth about our fond memories of PHS and the town we grew up in. When I was not able to attend a previously planned mini reunion, he planned a "mini-mini reunion" ehen he heard I was planning a short visit to Pasadena. I was thrilled to reconnect with a few close friends that I hadn't seen in many years. He greeted me with a box of See's marzipan having heard they were my favorite chocolates and unavailable in Pennsylvania where I now live. He was a wonderful human being taken much too early from our midst.

03/31/16 09:46 PM #3    

Susan Cole (MacFarlane)

I didn't know Jerry well during high school but enjoyed the camaraderie and exchange of barbs and witty banter with him as I got to know him at our mini-reunions in recent years.  He helped to orchestrate the first few gatherings and remains the spirit behind them. 

04/02/16 04:05 PM #4    

Uri Gottfeld

Jerry was a close friend in high school.  He was in our small circle that we called The Locals and included some from other classes, but mostly '67.  We had some great times together, great parties, and we all loved girls, music, beach and cars.  Jerry served in Vietnam during a very difficult time.  I was able to see him once in 1969 when he came home on leave, and I could see in his eyes the torment and culture shock.  I think he always carried that with him.  I was so glad to spend some time with Jerry and his wife Pat within the year before his passing to catch up and reconnect with him and the class.  Jerry had constructed a touching memorial video of all classmates that had passed to that point.  He passed shortly thereafter.  He is remembered. 

04/03/16 03:30 PM #5    

Jack Loos

I first met Jerry when I was trying out for Little League at Victory Park after moving back into town. We wound up on the same team and became best of friends, although I went to Wilson and he to that other school on Allen Ave. When I saw the movie, Stand By Me, it always reminds me of the Summers and times we shared together. He was smart as a whip and was quick as a whip using it. Never got caught for some of the things we did.

04/07/16 10:42 PM #6    

Sheila Horn (Kaplan)

Jerry was a wonderful person and friend. He had a hard time being around big crowds and it took him years to overcome that. So glad he did! He was always open and honest in sharing his feelings about things and I really admired that about him. He was always willing to find a spot that meant a lot to any of his classmates and research it and photograph it when he could. This would include some of our childhood homes. Jerry was a great historian for us as well as putting together a beautiful memorial video of some of our classmates who had passed. I miss all the corresponding with Jerry as I know many of you also do. RIP Jerry!

05/10/17 04:09 PM #7    

Sherry Sweeney (Merino)

Jerry, I was thinking about you last Saturday night.  I felt your spirit was there with us at the reunion.  You are missed by many people.  

05/11/17 12:31 PM #8    

Barry Levy


I have just started untilizing this PHS site. Good tool.

Sorry I will not be able to join you at the upcoming reunion.I will make the next.

I just wanted to say that the warmth and concerns shown on some of these posts are uplifting. Nice group of people.

Barry Levy

05/15/17 05:38 PM #9    

Susan (Susy) Wasgatt (Gaffney)

Every post below mine speak of ways I think about Jerry all the time -- there was a big hole at the reunion without him, as he really did start this whole thing!  Some great memories of the back and forth over the years since this reunion really first got to be on our minds, -- wish I had known you longer, Jerry -- and I know that we all had you on our minds last week during all the festivities.  Miss you, friend... 

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