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Mary Jane Utterback

Mary Jane Utterback

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03/30/16 09:47 AM #1    

Donna Walcher (Harryman)

Mary Jane . . . we enjoyed our PHS days.  I will certainly miss getting together with you.

03/30/16 01:30 PM #2    

Irith Gottfeld (Harpster)

I was saddened to hear that Mary Jane had passed. She and I first met when we entered junior high school at John Marshall. She lived close by on the corner of Allen and New York Dr., so we often walked to school together. I remember her beautiful red hair and her sweet disposition. She was friendly to everyone she knew. Never had a mean word to say about anyone. 

03/31/16 09:58 PM #3    

Susan Cole (MacFarlane)

Mary Jane was one of my first friends at Burbank Elementary.  I loved her beautiful, red, curly hair!  We played at each other's homes after school.  I got to know her again as adults at Pasadena Nazarene Church in Hastings Ranch.

04/01/16 08:13 AM #4    

Diane Soash (Harnish)

During my Jr. year in college, I studied in England. At some touristy place, I took a photo, and when I got the film developed, there, just turning around, was the spitting image of Mary Jane! It must have been her, with that gorgeous red hair! Sadly, I'll never know for sure.

04/01/16 07:09 PM #5    

Susan (Susy) Wasgatt (Gaffney)

Mary Jane and I ran into each other at a department store (my memory doesn't recall which one),  just before Christmas one year, and she talked me into sitting on Santa's lap as a joke.  She, of course, was also supposed to do this, but instead took a picture of me sitting there. . . and forever it seemed, held that up to me as a teasing point. . . it was meant in fun, was taken that way -- but it's funny the images that remain with you over the years. . .  fly away free, MJ -- my hope is yours was a peaceful passing. . . I too, miss her twinkling smile and curly red hair.  

04/30/16 01:21 PM #6    

Sheila Horn (Kaplan)

Mary passed away June 28, 2010

07/24/16 08:24 AM #7    

Claude (Butch) Leach

Mary Jane and I went to the same church in our high school days.  As adults, both our families eventually moved to La Verne, just a few blocks from each other.  Even attended same church in Glendora.

The last 6-7 years she was plaged by health problems, but never lost her sense of humor. Sad of her passing, and Tim (husband) and  their 5 kids ( and grandkids )  are a great group of Christian people. 

RIP Mary Jane


02/12/17 05:14 PM #8    

Linda Doughty (Dimit)

I'm so sorry to hear of Mary Jane's passing. We were so close during high many fun times! Mary Jane was always an instigator; always teasing, always giggling, always so alive!. After high school we both still lived in Sierra Madre for a while, and it was great visiting with her and Tim---kids everywhere! I know where you are Mary Jane, and look forward to our reunion in Heaven. God bless your family. You were a wonderful friend.

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