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12/03/08 09:57 PM #237    

Jennifer Park

Hi everyone!!! I knew the reunion was going to be good but it ended up being REALLY GREAT!
It was so nice to see old faces again and fun to party it up like it was 1998!! (I know, really corny).
Everybody.. good luck with your endeavors and see you at the next reunion!!!

12/03/08 10:36 PM #238    

Amber Anderson (Richardson)

lisa i hope that wasnt me that triped over u. and jayson i so would love 2 know what crazy convo i had with you lol. i cant belive i thought u were vincent lol. i dont remember stuff from the night but i do remember i had fun.kristen i think i remember u mentionin some crazy pic u took or someone took i gota see this pic lol.

12/04/08 10:32 AM #239    

Lisa Weatherly

All i remember Amber is going to the Bar and someone was saying u were tlaking to someone who u thought was someone else. other then that it was not you who fell. ut from the looks of it i know u had a good time and that is all that matters

12/07/08 01:36 PM #240    

Christina Snider

I posted this on my profile but I thought I should do it here in the forum as well. I had surgery on Friday and it went very well. I came home yesterday and I am moving around pretty good. I am just stiff and sore because I can not really bend. I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me well wishes to a speedy recovery. It means alot.

12/07/08 02:47 PM #241    

Sandra Doherty (Nusse)

Hey guys! The pics are great!! So upset I couldnt be there, but promise to be at the 15th! Check out my profile to see what I was busy with that night! :) Take care everyone!

12/12/08 10:44 AM #242    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

so what are everyones plans for NYE or Christmas?

12/12/08 10:40 PM #243    

Lisa Weatherly

I don't have any plans at them moment ofrNew Year's I am sure something will come up :)

12/14/08 06:26 PM #244    

Christina Snider

Right now I am recovering from my surgery. Everyone is coming over Christmas Eve like every year and as for New Year's Eve, probably spending it at home like always lol.

12/16/08 11:23 AM #245    

Marcy Boyle (Stevenson)

Christmas Eve we visit with my in-laws and then we are going to my mom's house for Christmas and I can't wait to see my two nieces, I have not see them since summer. For New year, I'm not sure we have not decide on that yet.

12/16/08 10:43 PM #246    

Amber Anderson (Richardson)

im more so lookin forward 2 new years eve then christmas. christmas eve i usualy go 2 my aunts house n spend sometime w my dads side of the family. christmas i usualy stop at my formar sister in laws house n spoil my neices n nefews then head 2 my parents for christmas dinner. christmas is fun but iprefer new yrs over it. this new yrs my friends are comin 2 my house n were havin a party. hope everyone has a safe n happy holiday

12/18/08 07:19 PM #247    

Christina Snider

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

12/24/08 08:37 AM #248    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

Merry christmas , happy holidays to all. be careful if u r traveling!

12/24/08 10:01 AM #249    

Marcy Boyle (Stevenson)

I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you very thing you ask for. : )

01/07/09 11:22 AM #250    

Emily Reilly

Happy New Year!!!!!

06/06/09 10:09 PM #251    

Brian Worthley

does any one know when and if we are going to have another reunion.

11/25/09 06:51 PM #252    

Christina Snider

I do not know how many of you heard but if you had Mrs. Hagan anytime during our 4 years at PTHS, she passed away yesterday morning I believe. It was around 4:30 am.

12/03/09 09:58 PM #253    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

yes i heard about Mrs. Hagen. So sad.
George Bradney also posted on Facebook that Lisa Bennett passed away from T-cell lymphoma before thanksgiving.
Heartfelt condolences to her family. She was a good friend throughout elementary, Middle and High school and will be missed.

For those of you who do not have facebook...i urge you guys to get on the bandwagon and get an account. it is a great way to keep in touch and up to date with everything going on. Even if it is bad news..which i hate...its good to keep in contact. We were all so close in High school and over the years..itd be a shame to lose contact with everyone.

12/07/09 12:59 PM #254    

Mary Emmons (Douglas)

Does anyone have any information on Lisa Bennett? Any services or anything - even an address to send a card? How terrible. She was a wonderful person. What a tragedy!

04/20/10 06:32 AM #255    

Pedro Quinones, Jr.


Just wanted say hello to everyone!

05/18/10 09:51 PM #256    

Marcy Boyle (Stevenson)

I just wanted tosay Hello to everyone and  I hope all is well.

06/20/12 01:07 AM #257    

Kuan Sanchez

Any plans for a reunion?

07/06/12 03:33 PM #258    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

i havent heard anything about any new reunions....i think we are coming up on the 15th soon. OMG has it really been that long. Seems like yesterday we were at our 10th.

08/05/12 11:00 AM #259    

Brian Worthley

Reunion time !

10/11/12 01:40 PM #260    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

arent we almost to our 15 year already. this is some scary stuff!!!

I really wish more people would come back on here and post up;  I would love to see everyone again!

Hopefully something gets planned for our 15 year reunion. i would even help organize it.

05/06/13 09:55 AM #261    


Donna Eschrich (Amoscato)

Alright so who is going to the Reunion?

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