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•   Edward Lohmann (Lohmann)  8/11
•   William (Bill) MacDonald  8/13
•   Randy Felts  8/19
•   John Appleby  8/22
•   Shep Johnson  8/24
•   John Drewes (Drewes)  8/27
•   Cindy Marcussen (Watts)  8/27
•   Bruce Burrows  8/31
•   Jean Barthrop (Kaufmann)  9/1
•   Brad Milenbach (Milenbach)  9/3
•   Lee Sherman  9/6


•   Harry Tanovitz  6/27
•   Randy Felts  4/29
•   Maria Vlazakis (Barbis)  4/28
•   Mark Griswold Wilson  12/27
•   Lucille Lang (Day)  12/12
•   Stephanie Slade  11/30
•   Beth Rockwell (Barnes)  3/24
•   Gale Harrington (Bitter)  3/2
•   Bob Carmichael  1/6
•   Anne Banker (Trotter)  10/8
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Piedmont High School
Class of 1966
My husband and I are big "Jeopardy" fans. It's entertainment while I'm cooking dinner and much less depressing than the news! I tell myself it will keep me from being senile too soon but we all know that's a fairy tale! Anyhow "Final Jeopardy" falls into three categories for us: nice-we have a chance, maybe-if we're lucky and the is no way in hell we'll know this! Last night's category fell into the third category. Subject: OPERA! How many remember that in junior high we took a semester devoted to the symphony and one devoted to opera and then we went to San Francisco to see each. I know EXACTLY ONE opera--the one I studied in 8th grade. So here was the clue: one of the lines in an aria says "put on your costume and your make-up. People want to laugh." OMG, it's Pagliacci!---the one and only opera I know. And it was! My husband who is from New York was impressed. "We didn't have anything like that in school!" So thanks, Piedmont school district. You made me look really smart last night!

More than 50 years!

Since we left the hallowed halls of PHS

We had the best reunion ever. The Claremont Country Club hosted us on September 24, 2016.

Keep your profile up to date on this site so your classmates will know what you've been up to all these years. And if you know the whereabouts of unregistered classmates, send us their contact info, or better yet, ask them to sign-up online.

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Steven dosRemedios, webmaster

The 2016 planning committee:

Bill Banker 
Stafford Buckley 
Bruce Burrows 
Viki (Schlieman) Cebers
Steve dos Remedios 
Leslie Flegal
Tom Harnett, Treasurer
Dave Harper 
John Hecht 
Tom Henderson 
Owen Hoskinson, Lodging
Shep Johnson 
Janet Sieg (Kohlweck), PHS Tour
Ed Lohmann 
Robert Middleton
Kyra (Butler) Nicol
Nancy (Newton) O’Toole
Rick Schiller
Roger Shane 
Peggy (Gessler) Shasky
Christine (Railsback) Soenksen
Anne (Banker) Trotter
Cindy (Marcussen) Watts
Nancy (Snow) Weatherford