In Memory

Francie Peake

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08/09/21 06:43 PM #1    

James Yaakov Rosenstein

Dear Francine (as i called her in 9th grade),

You were my first and possibly my only real love. How we talked for hours every day on plug in the wall round-dial phone in my room. How I thought of you and dreamed of you and wanted just to be connected to you. How I needed my sister to "permit" me to have a "non-Jewish" (blond-blue-eyed) girlfriend, with the realistic assumption that I am never going to marry you. I heard that you became lesbian, but I have not seen or heard from you since 12th grade, when Karen, your best friend, drew my party invites - comic strip style - with my silly jokes. (My father still has that metal beer tub, a hanging relic in his garage.) How we snuck into Beth Shalom, into the Bridal Sweet to make-out. You never did want much more. And how I many times over my adult years would joke that maybe I am the one that "ruined" you, not to like guys. LOL. 

I have no idea what happened to you that caused you death. I just saw my email from Lisa C (WHOM I AND WE ALL SHOULD THANK FOR HER HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. THANK YOU, LISA), but i needed to share my thoughts of love and farewell, as my tears fill my eyes). 

Good  bye, Francine. My emotions will always find love for you in my heart. And you loved me, too. I have no recollection why or how we broke up. My guess is that you were never into me or other guys sexually, so I gave up. LOL. But you were my best friend, confidant, and such a beautiful girl to me, whom I was able to dream and fantasize about, when we were not talking (and we talked alot - I guess you thought I was girlfriend) or when I didn't stare at or joke with during Geometry last period, which I barely listened to the teacher. You were much more compelling to me.

You will be missed by me and by all whom you touched and by our Class of '79 (year of Super Bowl, World Series, Grand Canyon Hiking, when I met my first Orthodox Jewish person at CMU student union, and when I had my first conversation about God with a NUN on a Greyhound bus in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

With love, 

Jim(my) Yaakov Rosenstein

Possibly your only guy love

08/10/21 07:16 PM #2    

Lisa Chotiner


This is the sweetest note. I'm sure you held a very special place in Francie's heart! 
Take care and hold on to those precious memories.

Thinking of you,


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