How Well Do You Remember Your Senior Year?

Let's play 20 questions!

Fill out this fun questionnaire about your senior year at Allderdice. 

Remember, the school year was 1978 - 1979! Your answers will be used to create an electronic memory book that will be shared with our class, so be careful what you write.

Okay, now - think back...

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1)   * Did you date someone from high school? If yes, who?

2)   * Did you marry someone from high school? If yes, who?

3)   * Did you have a car? If yes, what kind?

4)   * How did you get to school each day?

  Took the bus / tripper
  Rode in a car pool
5)   * It's Saturday night in 2019; what are you doing?

6)   * It's Saturday night in 1979; what are you doing?

7)   * Did you have a job in high school? If yes, where did you work?

8)   * Were you a party animal in high school?

Yes No
9)   * Were you considered a flirt?

Yes No
10)   * Did you participate in a high school club or activity? If yes, which one(s)?

Examples: Debate, Choir, Drama, Orchestra, Key Club, Ski Club
11)   * Did you participate in any high school sports? If yes, which one(s)?

12)   * Did you ever get suspended, expelled, or chased by Mr. Fisher?

13)   * Where did you sit during lunch and what did you usually eat?

14)   * It's 1979 and you're watching TV. What show are you watching?

Examples: Mork & Mindy, Happy Days, M*A*S*H, Three's Company.
15)   * You're listening to the radio in 1979. What radio station are you listening to and what is the song?

16)   * You're cutting class. Where are you going?

17)   * You're going to the movies in 1979. Which theater did you go to and what did you see?

18)   * What did you think you'd be doing after high school and did you get a chance to do it?

19)   * What was your funniest memory?

20)   * If you could go back to 1979 in your Delorean, what would you tell yourself?