Photos from 20th Reunion



Friday night Ice Breaker at Buffalo Wild Wings after the game

Bonnie, Dave, and Penny catching up on the last 5 years 

Mike and his girlfriend


Julie, Melissa, Polly, Susan, Tiffany, Shawnette, and Michelle

Danny Wolfe, Long time no see! 

Bonnie, Greg, Randy, and Penny 


Melissa, Susan, Tiffany, and Michelle enjoying a night out!

Julie and Chris


Sorry Todd, you didn't get out of this pic!


Saturday September 27, 2008 at Benny's Pizza

Dawn, Penny, Shelly, Bonnie, Kim

Kevin, Polly


Tiffany, Susan

Misti, Rhonda

Michelle, Tiffany, Greg, Melissa, Susan

Randy, Twila


Mark (Susan's husband), Susan, Brent, Michele (Brent's wife)

Lead singer of Impedance, Elmer

Elmer, Jeff, Michelle, Chris

Penny, Jolynne, Bonnie


Susan, Polly, Randy

Shawnette, Bob (Shawnette's husband)

Michelle, Tiffany, Greg, Michelle, Melissa, Susan

Sam (Chris' wife), Chris, Brent, Jeff

Rhonda, Greg

Jeff, Michelle, Melissa, Tiffany


Jeff, Lauren (Jeff's wife), Susan, Mark (Susan's husband)

Band members, Cathy Lapp (Brian's wife), Michelle


Doug (Tiffany's husband), Brent, Brian

Shawnette, Kevin

Greg, Penny, Band member

Tiffany, Brian, Doug

Lead singer of band with Susan



Melissa, Tiffany, Shawnette