Classmate Questionnaire

Please take a moment to let us know a little about your history over the years. Some of the questions could lead to you winning a prize if you're in attendance of our 40 yr reunion. Also, pay close attention to this entire website for other chances of winning. We are going to have a great time. (All questions are optional). We just want to make this event fun and entertaining for everyone. Please share if you're comfortable. This is only meant to be in fun and not to embarrass anyone!!!!!

The questions below are SAMPLES to those in the updated MEMBERS FUNCTIONS section to the left, under EDIT PROFILE. Click on EDIT PROFILE and you will find the opportunity to answer the questions which relate to the QUESTIONNAIRE.  The questions below are uneditable on this page. The more we know, the more fun the event will be!



Current Address_________________________________________

If Married, How many years__________

# of Children (Biological, please)___________

# of Grandchildren (Biological, please)_______

# of Great Grandchildren (Biological, please)_______

Classmate Occupation___________ # yrs on Job________

Currently or Ever Been a First Responder  ____Yes    ____No  

If Yes, Please Describe _________________________________________

Music Genre Most Interested In____________________________________

Favorite Band of 1978__________________________________

Favorite Singer 1978____________________________

Favorite Song 1978__________________________________

Favorite Band to Current_____________________________________

Favorite Singer to Current____________________________________

Favorite Song to Current_____________________________________

Favorite Restaurant__________________________________

Favorite Food_______________________________

Favorite Fast Food____________________________

Favorite Animal________________________________

Favorite Pets Name______________________________

Best Memories Of Monache_____________________________________

Share a brief history about yourself (optional)


Share what you would like to see at our reunion. (i.e. Games, Music Choices, Trivia, Drawings etc)