For Realtors® & Buyers

Because Powderhorn Ranch is one of Scottsdale's most desirable neighborhoods, bordering 100th Street between Cactus Road and Sweetwater Avenue, we wish to provide real estate professionals and their interested buyers with the following information:

Owners. 136 households comprise our community and include "empty nesters" as well as families with  children, from the very young to college-aged kids. Virtually all homes in Powderhorn Ranch are owner-occupied. The subdivision was created in 1986, and all homes were built by a variety of homebuilders shortly thereafter. Most, if not all, homes in Powderhorn Ranch are custom or semi-custom, and several have had guest homes or other additions and improvements constructed over the years since original construction.

Short-Term Rentals. Our CC&Rs prohibit short-term renting, as defined in the CC&Rs. For those who buy a home here now, homes cannot be rented out for less than 90 consecutive days, nor can they be advertised on short-term rental websites. In no event can less than all of a home, inclusive of any guest house, be rented out, regardless of the duration of the rental period.

Greenbelt Amenity. The Powderhorn Ranch HOA has a greenbelt on Larkspur, which includes turf suitable for frolicking dogs and kids kicking around a soccer ball. There are benches provided for hanging out with neighbors. It is reserved for use by those who live here. In recent years, Easter egg hunts and fall gatherings have been held at the greenbelt with the help of homeowner volunteers. Use of the greenbelt is subject to HOA rules.

Other Common Areas. The HOA also maintains and irrigates perimeter landscaping outside of the subdivision walls (block fences), and repaints the street-facing side of the block fences periodically. Trees within the perimeter strips and inside the greenbelt are trimmed periodically, at HOA expense. The clustered mailboxes, while not located inside common areas, are periodically replaced at HOA expense, the US Postal Service years ago having unilaterally elected to discontinue with cluster mailbox units' maintenance and replacement as a nation-wide policy. They were last replaced in February 2022 and typically enjoy a useful life of 15 years or longer before requiring replacement.  Homeowners are individually responsible for replacing locks on their individual mailbox compartments, in the event the locks malfunction or all keys are lost (buyers should be sure to obtain mailbox keys from their respective sellers; the HOA does not have copies of any mailbox keys).

Approval of Modifications Required. The HOA does require that all home improvements that are visible to others, including exterior repainting, re-roofing and changes in landscaping, be approved in advance by its Architectural Committee. The current modification request form can be obtained from our community management company (see below), but one must already be an owner before submitting a modification request form. Our CC&Rs prohibit the addition of second stories (a few homes with second stories were originally built that way or were otherwise grandfathered years ago). Our rules and regulations prohibit rooftop observation decks or similar. Rooftop equipment, such as HVAC equipment, is prohibited unless (and rarely) approved by the Architectural Committee and permanently screened from view.

Assessments. Our regular annual assessment for calendar year 2024 is $1070, paid in one-half installments semi-annually, but you should confirm with our community management company for any updates and current information, because our regular annual assessment typically increases each year. These assessments pay for the greenbelt and perimeter landscaping irrigation and maintenance referenced above, as well as other items, including annual contributions to our reserves (funds set aside for major items of deferred maintenance and repair and replacement that don't require maintenance, repair or replacement annually). In addition to our regular annual assessments, special assessments may also be imposed with requisite majority homeowner approval, should circumstances arise, but none are presently (2024) anticipated.

Management. A five-member board of homeowners governs the affairs of the HOA. All five positions are up for election annually (historically every November). The Architectural Committee is a three-person committee appointed by the board to serve one-year terms that coincide with the board's term. Day-to-day operations are under the direction of Metro Property Services, a professional management company. Our community manager is Linda Kellogg. She can be reached by email at, or by phone at 480-967-7182.

Streets. The subdivision streets are public, owned by the City of Scottsdale. They are maintained at City expense at whatever intervals the City elects. That said, our CC&Rs have language that limits parking of vehicles on streets and the HOA is very enforcement-oriented when it comes to boats, RVs, trailers, commercial vehicles and other similar vehicles that are parked on subdivision streets. Ongoing regular parking of passenger vehicles on our subdivision streets could also lead to enforcement action by the HOA, especially in situations where their ongoing presence creates a nuisance to others or impedes the smooth flow of traffic.

HOA Documents & Information. Buyers should be certain to obtain through escrow current copies of the CC&Rs (as amended to date), the Architectural Guidelines and Community Rules and other HOA documents typically provided buyers in resale transactions. Should there be a pressing need to have any of these documents in advance of entering escrow, a request can be made of Linda Kellogg for electronic copies via email (she may charge for such service). Linda can also advise you of fees charged by the HOA and/or the management company through escrow upon the sale of a home within the HOA/community. Her contact information appears above. Do not contact the website administrator for HOA documents or information. Emails sent to the email address below that are not from a homeowner requesting access to the website will be ignored and deleted upon receipt.

Website. Following close of escrow, all owners are encouraged to join the community website, which provides more information than simply "HOA stuff." Because it is password-protected, arrangements to join must be set up in advance by contacting the website administrator. Email him at with name and address of ownership. (This webpage that you are viewing is not password-protected so that it may be freely accessed by real estate professionals and their clients who may be interested in buying a home within Powderhorn Ranch.)