PHS1987 Survey 2014

Hello PHS 1987 Classmates

Our class website has been open for 9 years now. Please complete the short survey (3 questions) below and tell us your thoughts. 

Thank you so much for your time and effort!


Glover (Graham) Pope

Class of 1987



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1)   * What do you think about the class website?

  It's great! Keep it up!
  It's alright. I take a peek every now and then.
  Yuk! Get rid of it.
2)   * What do you think about the content and number of messages you receive from the website

  I am fine with the content and number of messages from the website. Send me more. I like the information I receive.
  It doesn't matter either way to me.
  Yuk! Stop sending me messages!
3)   * Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the website? Tell us your thoughts!