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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Price, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Holly
Facebook/Myspace/Homepage Link: www.helperweb.com
Present Occupation: Komatsu Mining Sevice Center Estimator
Children and Grandchildren: Christopher, Kimberly, Shannon, David, Aaron
Grandchildren Quentin, Alysa, Owen, Elizabeth, Orion, More…Xavier, Ezra
What have you been doing the last 30 years, in 5-10 lines or less:

Right out of high school I traveled to Europe on a backpacking trip. It was about two days into what was suppose to be a month, we arrived into this town call Amsterdam. You would not believe the way the people from Amsterdam can party! I thought we invented the word "party" being from the Class of 1979 and all. They put the word "party" on the globe, anything you wanted, they provided. I was dancing and jamming to great tunes and indulged myself in some of the worlds finest...Then I awoke for this wonderful dream mentioned above, as the alarm clock sound fills my head, I get up and prepare for another day at the same job, in the same town that raised me.

I have lived and worked in Carbon County all of my life, in all three city's (Price, Helper, Wellington even Hiawatha!) and had many jobs. Started at Steve's Diesel in Helper right out of High School, my mining carrier began at Braztah (Helper) then to Hiawatha. I went back to school (computers what else?) during the mud slide. Worked as the System Administrator for the United Mine Workers of America until I went into business for myself. While working for the UMWA served 4 years as a Helper City Councilman writing grants to build the Helper Parkway, improve the ball park lights and redo the pool the first time. From there owned and operated Future Solutions a small computer & electronic repair store in Helper. That was until Wal-Mart moved in. Managed 3 of Swift Stop and Shop Stores working for Pierce Oil Company. Then back to the Trail Mountain Mine. I was laid off again from the Deer Creek Mine as a Mine Monitor. Now working for Komatsu Mining.

I would like to see the following classmates a the reunion:

Each and Everyone of you!

What is your best most vivid memory of High School?

At age 17, on Senior sluff day, I was in charge of transporting the provisions 4 kegs, 10 Cases and 2 cold packs, (tucked away out of sight) and one box of cheerios. Off I go with 6 rocking, partying animals we now call respectably, classmates. You know who you are. We were pulled over by the only African American UHP I have ever seen, to this day. Being the only one sober and the driver, Mr. UHP and I came to very good terms; he was so close I thought he was going to kiss me, thanking me for transporting my fellow classmates, safely, by not drinking. “But, Mr. Hansen I have to take the beer”, my heart sunk. But as he grabbed the partially consumed cold pack that was in view, he walked to his car and left, leaving the mother lode that was hiding. I was never so happy and have always been sober behind the wheel in honor of this day.

What is your best most vivid memory of our last reunion?

Waking up then next day surrounded by pink flamingo lawn ornaments wondering:
1) am I naked?
2) Whose yard is this?
3) Where am I?

Who was your favorite Teacher and why?

Prazen for teaching how to work metal.
Coach Cunningham for teaching sports politics.
Olsen for new ways to use chemicals.
Foster for seating me by all the smart girls so I could graduate.

What did you want to be after you graduated?

Listen to the song "Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook they nailed my goal.

What song or songs make you think of the good old days?

Foreplay/Longtime - Boston, If You See Kay - April Wine, Slow Ride - Foghat, Eruption - Van Halen

What are your hobbies and interests?

Computers, Guitars, Harleys and Beer

What are your future plans?

I think I will have a beer.

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Still have yours?
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Remember him? Randy Weber and that long hair on his bike.
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