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08/06/08 06:41 PM #221    

Cullen "Pinky" "Culldogg" Pinks (Dont Get Married)

Party Time

Awards: Who can drink the most beer? Who has the craziest hair? Who has the coolest pants? Sorry I win them all?? I am ready to have a good time!! All Smiles:)

Good Job Matt with everything!! Good Job to everyone else who has helped my friend Matt!! Props!!

10yrs Baby Holler Holler Culldogg-Cmoney-Pinky-out!!

08/07/08 10:01 AM #222    

Dirk Hall II

So Danny's is open to the public or is it reserved for us? Did you ever find out if they are offering discounts on drinks? I can already taste a good ole jaegar bomb

08/07/08 03:17 PM #223    


Matthew Pauley

Danny's is open to the public
$1 cups of beer is the special
$3 cover because he got a band for friday

08/07/08 04:22 PM #224    

Dirk Hall II

sounds nifty

08/07/08 06:10 PM #225    

Jonathan Preservati

do me a favor guys and take some pics and blast em up on here after all the fun is over. DAMN its not a good time to live in florida, spf 30 and im still one sunburnt mutha fudga. miserable down here

08/08/08 04:38 AM #226    

Tiffany Pruett (Michael)

I'd be toast if I lived there year round...We visited Orlando in June, and I almost died!

Jon, we didn't get to ride the Simpsons ride either :-)

08/11/08 05:19 PM #227    

Kristen Thomas

You and Holley did an awesome job. I was so happy to see everyone. Hope to see everyone again at the 20 year reunion.

08/13/08 08:00 AM #228    

Brian Bj Lucas

Matt, Holley, and the many others that helped did a wonderful job and you rock. I think we pulled it off well, even Cullen's evening attire! I am proposing a 15yr. reunion as well. Anyone else down? It was great to see everyone.

08/13/08 11:06 AM #229    

Dirk Hall II

15 year or hell 12 year lol. Good seeing everyone, from what I can remember lol

08/13/08 12:45 PM #230    

Holley Bailey (Odle)

15 works for me- sign me up!!! Matt - add me to whatever committee you want.

08/13/08 04:50 PM #231    

Jonathan Preservati

hell, everyone is always in over the holidays...why not party it up then. post time and place on here and i bet alot of people including myself make it that couldnt during a normal work week

09/09/08 04:31 PM #232    

Stacy Burgess

i want to be on the commetie too
how about a 13 year reunion
i've had such a blast

09/20/08 05:28 PM #233    

Jonathan Preservati

im voting for stacy for president!

09/22/08 06:41 PM #234    

Stacy Burgess

john thanks so much for saying that but me as president of the senior class that should be matt or josh baker
not me but i do want to help plan the next reunion so
let me know what i can do to help i do have a few good
ideas so please please let me know


09/27/08 05:57 PM #235    

Stacy Burgess

how about we all get together for a halloween party
somewhere think about

i still want to on the cvomettie


10/06/08 06:19 PM #236    

Jonathan Preservati

yeah MAT quit being an asshole and put Stacy on the committee dammit!!

10/07/08 10:24 PM #237    

Stacy Burgess

hellow everyone just been sick that's why i havent been
on in a while

10/14/08 07:07 PM #238    

Stacy Burgess

i saw john pack today he told me he was coming to the'
next reunion he still lives in princeton

11/08/08 07:15 AM #239    

Jonathan Preservati


12/12/08 01:07 PM #240    

Stacy Burgess

it's christmas time again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope to see some of you soon

happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


04/03/12 07:48 PM #241    

Stacy Burgess

hey has anyone heard from josh


06/03/14 10:04 PM #242    

Mark Thompson

Are we having anything for 15 years

06/03/14 11:47 PM #243    


Matthew Pauley

No Mark. 15 Year Reunion would have been last year.
Best we can do is to prepare for the 20 year reunion.
WOW! That sounds Crazy!

12/03/14 08:37 PM #244    

Stacy Burgess

i'm back

12/07/14 08:14 PM #245    

Stacy Burgess

hellow class of 98 adam i sent you a message please write me back

matt thanks for all the help you did for me


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