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10/13/09 04:24 PM #1    


Danna Williams (Allred)

Welcome to the Provo High School Class Of 1976 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/25/11 11:21 PM #2    


Cindy Meyere (Caldwell)

Do we have a location for our reunion, yet? I was just talking with a coule classmates yesterday about a reunion, and we thought it would be fun to have a tour of Provo High to see how it has changed. Could this be worked into the evening?

Thanks for setting up this website! It's great!

04/11/11 07:47 PM #3    


Danna Williams (Allred)

 Hi Cindy, we've recently added information regarding the reunion on our homepage.  I think a tour of PHS would be lots of fun.  I'm not sure we could work it into the evening of the reunion, however, it may be possible the day before or day after.  Would you like to help us organize this little field trip?? 

05/12/11 03:00 AM #4    


Roger Plothow

So, um, as a former Main Hall outcast who was banished to the Lazy J and beyond, even unto the farthest reaches of the PHS complex (while studiously avoiding D wing), may I have a place at Sundance to lurk more than participate, including sneaking the occasional sip of Scotch and, perhaps, (oh, angels be with us) smoke a nice Illusione C:4 cigar? (William Davis will back me on this one.) Or is this more of a meet-and-greet while awkwardly sitting or standing in small group trying to get up the nerve to talk to someone we think we recognize but who is probably an entirely different person?

I kind of need to get a picture of the ground rules before I commit. These sorts of gatherings can give me the heebie jeebies if I don't prepare appropriately.

By the way -- I got your soundtrack done.

XOXOX, Roger Plothow

05/21/11 02:37 AM #5    


Danna Williams (Allred)

First of all, my friend, you were never a Main Hall outcast who was banished to the Lazy J and beyond.  As I recall, you were right there side by side with all the rest of us, searching for your niche in life.  

You may certainly have a place at Sundance to lurk more than participate, if you please.  We will have a cash bar, (just for you) although I'll have to check on the smoking ordinance.  This place has outside access to come and go as you please, in case you need to step outside for a smoke.  The event will be what ever you choose to make it.  You can lurk, or meet and greet.  We'll have a nice meal, live band, film footage from '76, picture booth, (like the old dance pics) and possibly a guest performance from one of our distinguished classmates.  

We will begin selling tickets from this site next week.  At which point you will be able to see who's coming, if that makes a difference to you.  No pressure whatsoever!  We would, however, love to see you after all these years!

Thanks for your generous contribution on the soundtrack, very much appreciated!

XOXOX,  Danna   

07/01/11 01:05 AM #6    


Maxcine Adams (Jensen)

 The tour of PHS today was GREAT! If you missed it I'm sorry. Thanks so much Robin for setting it up! Really looking forward to tomorrow night. 

05/24/12 01:22 PM #7    


Layne Miller

Just letting any of you that were in the Acappella Choir know that there will be a reunion on July 6th in the Provo area.  If you want more information just email me at  Thanks

07/11/17 06:16 AM #8    


David O'Neal

Would love to see pictures from the fortieth reunion.

​Could someone please post whatever pictures they have.


10/06/19 07:10 PM #9    


Mark Ferre

Any thoughts about 2021, 45 years-just asking.

Still around?

Wanted to be the first post of 2019.

Thank you Dana and others for all the good you've done and this site.

10/09/19 02:07 PM #10    


Danna Williams (Allred)

Hey Mark, how's my old riding buddy doing these days, still riding? I've switched to a motorless bike. :D

I'm not aware of anyone stepping up to get the 45 year reunion going as of yet. You're welcome to give it a go! 

10/14/19 05:47 PM #11    


Cindy Meyere (Caldwell)

I would be happy to help with the 2021, 45th reunion! I don't think I can be in charge at this point, but who know's by next summer? 

02/20/21 07:51 PM #12    

Steven Barton (Barton)

We hope this finds you well!  In recent months, members  of the Provo High Classes of '75 and '76 have made preliminary plans for a combined 2021 reunion. We are aware of on-going COVID concerns that prevented last summer's Class of '75 reunion, and we recognize that uncertainty still lies ahead. However, we remain hopeful and would appreciate your feedback on possible plans. Can you please take a minute to respond to the survey that follows?

Before you start, you will find two venues mentioned. If you would like to know more before you vote, here are links to the locations under consideration:

·         The Experience Center, Provo

·         Canyons Resort, Park City

Click here for the survey.

Thanks for your feedback!

04/15/21 02:14 PM #13    


Cindy Meyere (Caldwell)

Do you have a date for our 45th reunion? I realize that the location may still be undecided, but I need to get the date on my calendar so I can plan around it.

Thanks! Cindy

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