QHS Challenge


QHS Class of 1957 Challenge
The last letter that was sent out from the Quitman Former Student’s Association (QFSA) stated,
“The QHS Class of 1957 recently donated another $500 to the perpetual scholarship fund, and they have issued a challenge to all of the other QHS classes to match that donation. Each class that meets this challenge will have their class year listed on a plaque which is designed to honor class contributions.” 
(One plaque will list $500 contributors
and another will list $1000 contributors.)
Since that challenge was issued there have been several
classes that have met it:
 The QHS Class of 1979 presented a $500 scholarship
to an '09 graduating senior; 
The QHS Class of 1939 funded a scholarship in the amount of $1100 to an '09 graduating senior;
The QHS Class of 1954 also met the challenge
with a donation of $500;
The QHS Class of 1957 funded a $1000 scholarship in memory of their classmate, Dwayne Luman to a 2010 graduate;
The  QHS Class of 1984  also funded a $1000 scholarship in memory of their classmate, Tom Brady to a 2010 graduate;
The QHS Class of 1961 has responded to the QHS challenge with a $500 donation in memory of our high school principal, W. T. Black and an additional $800 donation
in memory of our deceased classmates.    
We invite your class to consider meeting the challenge by giving an honorarium or a memorial donation!