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Profile Updated: August 13, 2021
Residing In: sacramento, CA USA
Occupation: retired at 55 for health reasons
Children: No biological childern, but i did help raise two wonderful girls during 2 different relationships. The More…second girl, Melissa I still see at times, we both share a passion for target shooting pistols 🔫. Her mother, lisa and I still see each other as good friends. We are alot better as loving friends then as a couple.
Military Service: army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

More to come...later, well it's later 8/12/2021

You may remember, I graduated midterm in January of 71. Hung out the month of February doing nothing much. One of the things I did was life changing, I volunteered for the US Army, training to start March 10th 1971. Didn't thank about it at the time, I turned 18 years of age on 12/10/1970. First day in the Army, three months, later, Your in the Army now. Did my basic training at Fort Ord, Ord is long gone. Didn't do lots of marching because army boots bruised my Achilles tendon, and gave me plantar fasciitis. So I got a military drivers license and drove a deuce-and-half truck while in basic training. The dark side of basic, they are teaching you to kill the enemy with a rifle. After basic there is AIT (advanced individual training) If your MOS (military occupational specialty) was Infantry, MOS 11B (commonly called Grunt or Grunts if more than one) the AIT stood for Advanced Infantry Training. That's where you are trained to kill close up, with pistols, bayonet (knife) and your hands. My AIT was as MOS 96D2T, Imagery Analyst (96D)
the (2T) said I was trained in the use of a TIIF (tactical image interpretation facility) and because I had a military DL, I also was the driver so said TIIF

to be continued if i remember

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