Missing Classmates

If you know where these Classmates are please share our web address with them:
If you know the email address for any Classmate below you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to our site.

Nicole Bollich
Rick Borysiewicz
Farah Brelvi
Steve Brunasso
Karen Christensen
Elizabeth Chute
Linh Cole
Deborah Collins
Billy Crank
David Dannaker
Pete Dewey
David Fowler
Amy Gerth
Rachelle Goodman
Kim Guenther
Lori Harrington
Kelli Heard
Ronnie Horton
Bobby Khanna
Gail Killough
Kyle Kimble
Mike Little
Bobbi Lopez
Tim MacLean
Brian Malarkey
Lisa Miller
Victoria Mosely
Adam Moser
Erica Nadolski
Shelby Palmer
Theresa Pilgrim
Eric Robinson
Adele Rosenberger
Shane Shields
Allen Shoemaker
Annette Simonich
Mike Smith
Eric Stoddard
Manuel Walters
Mike Wasson
Ian Welsh
Stuart Wright
James Zdralek