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05/14/18 12:07 PM #296    


Gerald Wiebeck

Yes, my wife and I will attend the 55th celebration


It's obvous that everyone is busy, which explains why data I've provided hasn't been added.  Here is one for Greg Seretian. He had a daughter, Stephanie Ann Seretian who died at age 3 in 1974.




07/26/19 09:56 AM #297    


Stephen Leuchtman

I am writing to report that after a long and courageous struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, my wife Jacquelyn "Jacque" passed away on July 18, 2019.  Leaving out an acknowledgment of our daughter's efforts on Jacque's behalf and thanking the people who attended, this is what I said at her funeral:

I had the privilege of loving this wonderful, exceptional woman and waking up to her over 10,000 times.  It never got old.

We shared many interests.  One of them was movies.  We called ourselves "movie sluts."  There was an actress in the Forties named Myrna Loy, who directors would go to when they wanted to cast the perfect wife.  The characters she played were beautiful, sexy, and glamorous but down to earth.  They were intelligent, articulate, and independent.  They were also unfailingly loyal to and supportive of their husbands.  I used to tell people that Jacque was the Myrna Loy of real life wives.

If I could describe Jacque in one word, it would be "passionate."  When we went to her fiftieth high school reunion, a couple of her classmates asked me it she was still a real handful.  I laughed and said, "She sure is."  Jacque threw herself 100 percent into everything she did.  She had strong opinions and wasn't afraid to share them with anyone, especially about politics and her faith, which never wavered for a second.  Even when her dementia was nearly at its worst, she knew who the president was--and she wasn't very happy about it.

Hand in hand with Jacque's passion was her loyalty.  She was well aware of our faults, foibles and flaws.  But God help you if you ever got sideways of our children, our grandchildren, or me.

Despite her passion and her fervent nature, Jacque never took herself too seriously.  She was without pretense.  And she had a fantastic sense of humor that had a little bit of a bite to it.  When we worked together at Sommers Schwartz, we would amuse ourselves by making up limericks about the attorneys and staff.  Hers were better than mine--and, truth be known, a bit bluer.  Unfortunately, none of them are suitable to repeat here.

We were in New York once, and she said she wanted to go to the 21 Club for dinner.  I said I thought it was a little pricey.  So an hour later, we're in the 21 Club.  It turned out that George Burns--who was about 98 at the time--was at the table behind us.  Jacque wanted me to go over and introduce us.  I said, "No, he's eating and we shouldn't disturb him."  So she got up with me following in her wake, and she said, "Mr. Burns, I'm Jacque.  This is my husband Steve, who didn't have the balls to come over and introduce us."  Of course, Burns was charmed.  He took Jacque's hand and kissed it.

We were all charmed by Jacque.  I was charmed by her for thirty years and the 10,000 wake-ups.  She had a gleam in her eye that only the very late stages of this disease could remove.  But I know that gleam is back today and will be forever.


07/26/19 11:36 AM #298    


Robert Stockton


Very well said. It was my loss not to have known her.

As I told you I'm saddened by your loss. Make sure you take care of yourself now





07/26/19 07:49 PM #299    


Dave Lebut (Lebut)

Steve, so sorry to hear of your wife's passing. It is always so sad to lose someone you've shared so much time with. The way it sounds it was not a prolonged period with Alzheimers. From watching what that terrible disease did to my brother if it was short duration that is a blessing. Bill suffered with it for approximately 6 years that we were aware of, with the last almost 4 being in a memory care facility.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

07/27/19 07:54 AM #300    


Edith Bergstrom (Usher)

Steve - so sorry to hear of your wife's passing. She sounds like she was a great partner and a wonderful person.  Take care and treasure the memories.

07/27/19 10:16 AM #301    


Sharon Dumler (Davis)

Steve, what a beautiful eulogy for your wife. How lucky you both were to have those 10,000 nights!  She lives on in the ways that she has influenced you and your whole family.  I lost my 'boyfriend'  after 52 years of marriage last fall.  I wish you strength and peace!

07/27/19 06:12 PM #302    


Thomas Tanner


I am so sorry to hear of your thoughs and prayers are with you and your family.

07/27/19 06:25 PM #303    


Dennis Abraham

Steve, very sorry to hear about your lovely wife Jacque. By reading  her eulogy, we somehow " got to know her". Best Wishes to your families. Take care.       Dennis Abraham

07/27/19 10:49 PM #304    


Dianne May (Trevino)


Steve - My most sincere condolences. Thank you for sharing your wife with us in such a beautiful way.  I lost my daughter, Elizabeth, in 1992.  In all the years since then, we have shared her with anyone who will listen.  She is alive and with us every day because we talk about her every day.  It appears that you share our resolve to keep your lovely wife with you and with all who will listen.  I wish you comfort and joy as you and your family keep Jacque in everyones hearts.

Dianne May Moffat Trevino

07/28/19 02:33 PM #305    


Carol Strucel (Rohlinger)

Steve - what a glowing tribute to your life partner. Your love for her is evident in every word. I lost my husband - best friend almost 6 years ago and think about and talk about him daily. He was the king of puns and brought laughter and sunshine to my life. So, what do we do when the sunshine is gone? We go on, sadly, haltingly. And, replacing them is useless, senseless. Our lives can never be the same again. But we persevere none the less and find a way to bring some of that sunshine to others, perhaps by volunteering to a cause dear to her heart or yours. I send blessings for you and your family. 

Carol Strucel Rohlinger

07/31/19 10:29 PM #306    

Robert Miner


I'm so sorry for your loss and am glad that you had that many happy years from which to store your memories.



08/01/19 02:34 PM #307    


Marilyn Rouen (Dimitroff)

Steve- You so lovingly expressed your love and appreciation for Jacque.  How blessed you both were to share such a special relationship.  For lack of finding words that soothe, just know that we care about and appreciate you.  Much love. 💕

10/14/19 09:40 AM #308    


Stephen Leuchtman

It is with extreme happiness and pride that I inform you that our classmate Marge (Kottke) Tober has afforded me the great privilege of agreeing to marry me on December 7.

Those of you who know Marge know there is no one who is sweeter, more kind, or more giving.  Our love brings me immeasurable joy.  I will be honored to be her husband.

10/15/19 05:19 PM #309    

Kenneth Becker

Congratulations Steve. 

10/17/19 12:26 AM #310    

Robert Miner

Congratulations Steve and Marge.  I wish you both great happiness.

10/17/19 09:50 PM #311    


Dennis Abraham

Steve and Marge Congratulations.

04/13/20 12:27 AM #312    


Sharon Dumler (Davis)

Hope everyone had a safe and healthy Easter 🐣 blessings to you all and peacef

04/13/20 11:27 AM #313    


Dennis Abraham

Best wishes,good health to ALL Thurston alumni and families.May GOD be with us.

12/21/20 03:03 PM #314    


Stephen Leuchtman

I recently learned from Jay Reich, Eric Hoberg's partner of over 35 years, that Eric passed away in early November of complications of non-COVID related pneumonia after a short illness.  Eric was a kind soul and a good man who will be missed by all who knew him.

12/22/20 09:55 PM #315    


Marilyn Rouen (Dimitroff)

Steve - Thank you for letting us know about Eric's passing.  We were in so many classes together and he was always so kind and bright.  I still remember that he was "Emile" in Mrs. Cummins French class.  Many good thoughts to his partner and family.

12/24/20 12:41 AM #316    

Frank Mauz

Aloha Class of 63. Mele Kalikimaka. Steve L.-congratulations,Dave L.- thanks for remembering my 76th birthday,Sorry to hear about Eric H.

12/24/20 01:26 PM #317    


Dianne May (Trevino)

Merry Christmas Frank!  You must be a Hawaii resident - your greetig made me think of that old Bing Crosby song!  Remebering you especially as we were together alphabetically!  I've missed all the Reunions but always happy to hear from classmates through this forum.  Hope all is well with you and yours!  And here's to a much better 2021 for everyone!

Dianne May Moffat Trevino

12/25/20 02:56 PM #318    


Dennis Abraham

Merry CHRISTmas and a healthy, hopeful New Year which We All deserve. May God bless. Dennis Abraham.

09/04/21 01:50 PM #319    


Gerald Wiebeck

Fellow classmates several weeks ago my wife and I attended a combined or joint class reunion which was hosted by the class of 1961. The reunion included graduates from 1958 through 1968. My wife and I had a fantastic time at the reunion held at the Embassy suites motel in Lavonia on Friday night and then Saturday a meal at Mamma Mia's restaurant. It was great seeing that only a few others that I had graduated with but also those that preceded us and graduating from Thurston high school, and a number from the clear classes that graduated after we did. We enjoyed the event so much that I wanted to try and be a part of helping our class hold our 60th reunion.  Our class reunion committee has done a fantastic job in organizing and hosting the reunions in the past, but as David Daniels stated some of us are getting older, LOL! I'm hoping that we can get a small group of volunteers together in order to host a successful 60th reunion for the class of 1963. Terry Salmonson THS grad class of 1961 literally organized and hosted the combine class reunion including the classes from 1958 through 1968 by himself. I am confident that we can do at least as well as he did. I will post additional information following this one providing information on how we can move forward and get the help we need from other sources. Thank you, Gerald Wiebeck





09/04/21 01:59 PM #320    


Gerald Wiebeck

below is a message from a coordinator from Lee M Thurston high school, helping graduation classes and hosting reunions. I'll keep in touch with her to see what resources she has. I will not be the face for the class of 1963/ 60th reunion for professional and personal reasons. But I will throw a lot of 'muscle' to help make it happen. I'd like to see a group of from 6 to 10 of this class come together to help get the job done. I'll get the email and contact information of our class And reach out to those who are interested. It is extremely, absolutely and unequivocally important that we include the graduation class is that preceded us and those that proceeded from 1963.  Not only does it make it more rewarding and seeing other people that we went to school with but it also helps us to meet the minimum requirements by the Embassy suites motel and Mamma Mia's restaurant. It also helps to keep the per person cost down for meals and snacks.
Hi Gerald,

Please let me know what I could do to help you with your class reunion. We were able to post information at the alumni site, which helped Terry contact his fellow classmates.  

Hopefully this information will assist in planning your 50th reunion. Again, please let me know if you have any questions and how I can help.  
Thank you,
Donna Ghannam


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