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07/15/12 08:17 PM #1    


William M. Cobbett

Does anyone know where Clyde Brett is ?



08/17/12 01:03 PM #2    


Alan Forbes


I will ask his sister Julie when I see her. Hope alls good with you!

09/22/12 05:17 PM #3    

Elizabeth A. Phillips (Kelly)

Hi All!    

      Scott and I will be at the, Friday Night Mixer however, we won't be making the Fine Dinning on Saturday night. Sorry to be missing it however, things do change. 

     Special "Thank you!" To all on our Class of '72 Reunion Committee Members for all your hard work.

Sincerely, Elizabeth (Phillips) Kelly 

10/09/12 09:19 AM #4    

Shauna Woods

If you're free Saturday noon-2 pm, please join Shauna Woods, Dora Komura, David Crawford, and others for a last-minute, unofficial, very informal bring-your-own-lunch gathering by the Sylvan Park picnic tables next to N. University St.  If the tables are full, we can sit on the lawn nearby, so bring a blanket or chair if you can.  Questions: Contact Shauna or Dora by cell/email via our Profile pages, or talk to Shauna or David at the Friday night mixer.  See you there!

10/10/12 01:27 PM #5    

Nevin L. Lemanski

David Entrekin Hey dude I recieved a notice that your signed up for the reunion, hope thats true ,really would like to see you again. Ill be at the mixer and the dinner hope youll be there also. .....You do remeber me?... the guy who played the inspector in the Grad night film! We bowled together......Dave say you remember!! or lie and make me feal better. Nevin

10/21/12 01:57 AM #6    

Judi Crawford (Ingram)

I just wanted to say congratulations to the committee for what I can tell was a great reunion.So sorry I missed it.I'm enjoying it vicariously from Australia.I noticed reference to the 60th but sure hope in 10years we'll have a 50th and I'll be sure to make it.Cheers Judi Ingram

01/28/13 10:47 AM #7    

Cynthia Anne Malone (Franken)

Actually... it is reference to our 60th Birthday!!!   WOW.... and provided we have enough interest for that as well as a 45th Reunion...   let's all help find those on the "missing list"...



12/05/13 10:28 AM #8    


Bruce M. Duncan

I would be in favor of a 45th & 50th anniversary party

05/02/14 11:23 AM #9    


Sandie Whitehead (Pidal-Haley)

The 60th party will be just in time to celebrate my retirement!
















10/03/14 12:55 PM #10    


Sandie Whitehead (Pidal-Haley)

Does anyone else wish they were back in HS other than me?

06/08/15 09:40 AM #11    


Roberta Hill (Bruce)

I dont know if you all remumber my bother Russell hill he passed away may of2009 in Lasvagas Nv.

06/14/16 01:10 PM #12    


Rodger Stein

I'm thinking that it's about time we begin to have multi-year reunions.  So many of us had friends across the classes that it would be nice to have more than just our class there.  In addition, the last reunion produced a surprisingly small turnout, so maybe we're all just not that committed.  I feel the cruise idea automatically eliminates many of our classmates, so that's not my choice.  However, if someone would want to put together a cruise for our class, that might be something I would think about.  I know, I'm just as confusing now as in 1972.  Thanks


06/15/16 09:08 AM #13    


Olivia N. Clark

Great idea, Roger.  Yes, confusing....

06/18/16 05:01 AM #14    


Patricia Perry (Becker)

Does anyone know where Holly Andrews, Sandy DeWitt and Karla Gower are?

03/11/18 10:02 AM #15    


Cindy Pratt (Holter)

Hi Patty, I just saw this. I haven’t seen Holly or Sandy since probably HS but I have still remained good friends with Karla & see her every year when she comes to Redlands to visit her mom. I’ve also visited her twice on Kauai, where she has lived for over 30 years. If you’re on facebook, look me up. 

06/09/18 07:56 PM #16    

Ronald L. Phillips

I just found this site and read the messages:

To Roberta Bruce (Hill) : Sorry for your loss - I know it was awhile ago but I just read it

To Rodger Stein- I agree that the cruise was too much $$ for me at the time ... & I wanted to go!!

I think we NEED to get together for a 2022 reunion!  I've been retired for nine days and I'm a year ahead of most of MY class and I'm aching for people my age to relate to!!  By the size and date of this message board, I'd say that most of the class is too busy or maybe I just live too far away ... not Hawaii like some I read about :)!

God Bless and good health to all.

06/13/18 10:39 AM #17    


Cindy Pratt (Holter)

Ron, I think most people just do Facebook these days, although I do know plenty of people that are not on Facebook.  I also noticed some classmates haven't even signed up on this site.  Oh well....

Also, has anyone noticed how many "missing" classmates there are? Incredible!


06/13/18 11:11 AM #18    

Cynthia Anne Malone (Franken)

We are definitely going to have a 50th Reunion....   at this time, however, we are most interested in our "MISSING CLASSMATES"...  hope everyone will take time to try and find at least 5 missing members!!  


Watch this website, together with our Facebook page for updates as it gets closer to our 50th anniversary!!!

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