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Hal Foster

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10/11/16 12:15 AM #1    

Rick Hoag (Hoag)

Hal Foster was born July 3, 1948 in Vancouver WA (“I was almost a fire cracker” says, Hal)

Hal Foster Died July 31, 1992-on his way to work of a heart attack-he was only 44.

Hal had never married.

A little background if you please…

Many of you first met Hal at John Gill, McKinley or Sequoia.

Hal and I were best friends since we were 10 years old.

We met in a Sunday school class in 1957 and have been friends ever since.

Hal and I went to summer camps together; treks to Yosemite & Disneyland and occasionally, Mike Wilk would join us.

Hal and I were roommates for 8 years and Hal was also the ‘best man’ at my wedding.

Hal’s folks were ordained ministers…therefore; Hal had some pretty good ethics. He cared about people and people truly liked Hal-“Easy goin’ Hal”.

Hal was a Christian.  I know that this may sound a bit strange here but, Hal had absolutely no fear in speaking about his faith and beliefs to anyone at any time.  But, he never ‘jammed it down your throat.  Harold would just ‘disarm’ people with his sweet personality. 

Hal had a wonderful ‘sense of humor’ too.  Hey! No kidding-Hal got me laughing so hard one night that I truly thought that I was going die! 

Several people at our 50th reunion asked me about Hal but, before I could answer them-they would begin to tell me ‘their’ story about Hal and how much they truly appreciated him. Hal just made that kind of an impression.

A bit of history just for the record…

After graduation Hal went the San Jose State and got his degree in accounting.  Upon graduation from SJS he went to work at Lenkurt Electric in San Carlos as the payroll manager-he was there for several years.  Hal was also involved with YWAM (youth with a mission) as an adviser.  Hal was always  involved with some type of Christian ministry work until he ‘passed’. 

Harold would have loved attending our reunion.  I’m sure he would have spent the evening just signing autographs. People truly liked Hal Foster.

On a personal note:

Hal Foster led me to Christ when I was 12 years old-which is still the foundation of my life and all of our children (3) are in full time ministry-thank you Hal!  He also led Mike Wilk to Christ and Mike is a full-time pastor!! 

Hal Foster had a very long spiritual reach into my family!

Thanks Hal

Rick Hoag

10/11/16 12:29 PM #2    

Angie Siemers (Fitzsimmons)

Rick: Thank you for sharing.  I didn't know Hal, but I so appreciated your notes and testimony.  I was blessed to become a Christian in 1984, and I know how wonderful and life changing it is.  Hopefully others of our alumni will do the same.   Angie Siemers Fitzsimmons (currently in NH, but moving back to Illinois where we were privileged to go to Bible College from 1989 to 1996).  Yes, I graduated college 30 years after I graduated high school!  But it meant so much more at that time because of all the changes in my life, and God too has blessed us with awesome daughters that seek His face.  I'm sure you miss Hal, but it's nice that he got to go home and be with Jesus!

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