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Children Seth Patrick Hartigan born 1970. Professor in Suzhou, China. He has taught in People's Republic of More…China first teaching English, then in several Law Schools, and this year which will be year number 18, Business School Law. Education includes JD,LLM,Masters in Linguistics, Fulbright scholar in Prague. He spent one year on Conoco Phillips oil rigs in the North China Sea broadcasting his classes. His ride to work was a P.R.of China Army helicopter. Married, his wife graduated with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge from St.Andrews University in Scotland. She has been serving as Dean of School of Languages (26) with approx. 225 faculty to manage.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Nothing compared to my son.
I remember so many things but two of the strange and funny events have crossed my mind. In January one year the school decided to give a sock hop because everyone was doing it and the more generous nuns wanted to include our school. The night was bitter cold and the super had not thought it was necessary to increase the heat. In the days before the dance the talk was about what to wear. I had found a paper dress in a dime store and bought it with nothing in particular in mind. The idea spread like wild fire for me to wear it. I had to talk to be allowed but everyone is going to do this worked. What a draft! My date was so annoyed that he said if I didn't leave soon he would set it on fire. Nothing much escaped the Sisters and I was asked about this promptly. "Where is your date?" "He is trying to meet the other girls." was my answer.

School Story

Oh, let me think. I haven't been wearing paper dresses but I have done a fair share of modeling both art and runway. I also have spent years in retail stores clerking. I lectured for a private college in California giving history of design lectures. I can think of two leaders to whom I am grateful: a genius,Tonian Hohberg CEO of FIDM, and Jacqueline Murray whose strength was domestic and international retail and marketing. I have been married and stayed at home, huswifery, as we sang in glee club.
Sister Helen Francis tried to have me memorize the 'Gettysburg Address' to deliver it at a Memorial Day celebration at a cemetery during the Viet Nam War days with dozens of vets in uniforms of the different branches. I had not done so and they thought me shy at first until they knew that I had not learned beyond the first few lines. All of a sudden a car drove into the cemetery with four St. Thomas M. Academy seniors in uniform who approached the stage to help me. Saved from a fate of humiliation again!

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Kathy, I write because you are so good at passing a word and this is one of those times. Watching the 'Working Dog Show' on last Sunday morning(July 21,2019) I found Janice Culnane and her service dog. Janice is in a wheel chair with every effort to hold up her head and show her dog and her efforts. Janice is Cathy Culnane's younger sister about four years younger than us and anAHA graduate. She is an accomplished scholar , a teacher, certified in braille and signing, a lawyer, and a former Judge Magistrate. I believe that she is listed in the directory but after this information I do not know. She has multiple sclerosis. Adding a contact to her life might be just the thing whether qualified or not. She is a matter of fact girl but has always loved a chance to use her creative talents which just might include movement now. Catherine Ghostley and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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My latest thoughts are response to the Chairman's letter. Dated January 20,2019 it is listed under Interactions. This is a valuable tool to our class and I am all for it. Catherine G.

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I am still in debt to Paula V. after receiving a beautiful and very cheerful photograph of the attending class at our last reunion. It arrived at my home in good shape and framed. 1920 4th Avenue South # 304 Minneapolis, MN. 55404 ;is my address and 612 870-1623 is my telephone land line. If I am hard to reach at any time I may be found at my mother's home where 952 927-6388 is the land line. Now I am updated with the only other address being a Post Office Box 50605 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405. I check my mail often and either address is really good for me. Seth is still in China teaching in the International Relations Department. Chinese New Year begins on February 4th this year celebrating the pig as the year of the pig. I had trouble trying to send photographs of the Philosophy Conference this last August with the i-cloud rejecting them as too full. Perhaps the participants were protected identities or the beautiful art in the buildings. I am guessing but if I try later the effort may be lost. Nothing seems to be new but I did receive a Christmas Card from the White House with President , First Lady, and their son signing. My very best to everyone and I read each entry with glee. Catherine Ghostley H.

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Happy birthday October 5th girl! I hope that you like the number 68 more than the number 67. I know that I do. Easy to remember 68 !! Catherine Ghostley

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Happy birthday, Paula. I hope that you feel the satisfaction of a well done, really Big event!
I will try to sort out the photographs of my son's conference. The fact is that no photographs are permitted in the Great Hall. This was a rare exception. I will try. Happy B'day again! Catherine Ghostley

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I pass a brass plaque on Nicollet Mall that celebrates your father. I have often wanted to stop passer-byes and say"I went to school with his daughter!" Really great fun for me. Catherine Ghostley