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Next Reunion


The reunion committee has started thinking about a 55th reunion for 2024.  However, they want to make sure that is really what the class wants to do. You know, lots of front end work to find out later that no one is interested.

So, here is a little short survey to see if we can come up with a concensus amoung classmates. 

Your answer is not anything your going to be held to. And,  I'm going to try and and set it up so you can change your mind. 

God knows we are getting older and things change in our lives at the drop of a hat.

Hang in there, 

The reunion committee 

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1)   When do you want to have the next reunion?

2)   What month should we try and have a reunion?

3)   How much should tickets be limited to?

4)   What actives would you like?

5)   Would you like to be on the planning committee?