Missing Classmates

Hello Class of '84 - this list includes all Classmates who have not joined the site. While we know some of the classmates on this list from our neighborhood, church, sports fields, workplaces, phone contact lists, email lists, and even other social and reunion-oriented internet, we just don't have their current information available here.

Please reach out to the people on this list you know, let them know their classmates on hermitage84.com are looking for them, and encourage them to sign in. We have set the site overall to reveal detailed information only to classmates who we personally verify. The site also has capabilities for each member to either leave out personal details they do not wish to share or to put certain information in for site administrators to view that is not available to 'all' class members.

If anyone you know has concerns or considerations about their information on this site, send a note and we will be glad to listen and walk them through the steps or do what we can to support them.

Carol Akers
Eric Aldridge
Aretha Anderson
Larry Balderson
Tommy Billups
Kelly Bledsoe
Velma Blevins (Grabe)
James Bowdoin
Denice Burke
Diane Butler
Reggie Campbell
Ben Carter
Carmel Childress
Ray Clark
Kip Cole
Barbara Collier
Jeff Conley
Cheryl Courtney
Brian Covington
Rodney Cowans
Bryan Crenshaw
Tracy Cunningham
Lisa Daugherty
Joey DeLuke
George Drewett
Barbara Edwards
Laura English
Milton Foster
Jacquetta Frazier
Kevin Frazier
Jeff Gaines
John Goodall
Charmaine Gray
Karen Green
Wayne Greene
Kimberly Gregory
Charles Guthrie
Richard Hamlet
Denise Harris
Janet Harris
Jeannie Hassel
Bernita Henley
Robert Herndon
James Hillard
Cynthia James
Frank Jenkins
Kevin Jeter
Starletta Johnson
Bernd Kallenberger
Jeff Kates
Edward Khalil
Brian Kronmeister
Eileen Lewis
William Lewis
Kim Long
Ronald Loving
Raymond Luck
Matt Martin
Frank Mastrandrea
Mike McArdle
Garvin McLaughlin
Lorrie Meade
John Moore
Lisa Moore
Lynette Myers
Jason Newcomb
Karen Owens
Robin Philippi
Peachie Pleasant
Andre Price
Mark Randolph
Charlie Rhodes
Pamela Roberson
Cheryl Robinson
Cheryl Rodriguez
Rebecca Sanderson
Tammy Satterwhite
Julie Scholl
Amanda Sellers
Simon Sin
George Smith
Jacqueline Smith (Mason)
Sherman Smith
Purcell Snead
Kriston Stone
Tommy Strickland
Deborah Summerset
Florence Talley
Sherri Thaxton
Sharon Thomas
Dawn Thompson
Sandra Thompson (Taylor)
Ray Trexler
Stuart Tripp
Gary Tyler
John Via
Catherine Ware (Talman)
Allison Watson
Claude Westbrook
Tommy Wilburn
Ellen Williams
John Wood