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08/17/14 11:12 AM #1    

Ann Sawyer (Carter)

Just read a few of the issues of the "Lens" paper.  What a hoot.  Even though I was only with my class for one year, I recognize buildings, areas and people's names.  Was fun to look at and am sure those of you who lived in Rochester all your life will really enjoying reading them.



08/17/14 11:26 AM #2    


Carole Bird (Christopher)

Thanks, Ann!!  Doris' Peltier's brother, Duane, has done a lot of work on that.  I'm so glad I was finally able to get that on our site!


05/06/16 02:44 PM #3    


Carole Bird (Christopher)

I received this message from Karen Bush, she wanted me to share with everyone. Can anyone else add to this?

"I wish I had bothered to learn how to post this, but you are pretty central, even though I don't think you were in either Latin I or Latin II.
Latin I was ninth grade, so we're talking about 1955.  I wonder if anybody besides me remembers that the '55 Roman Banquet was May 5th, and the older kids bought Miss Kayser a gold bracelet engraved on the back with 5-5-55.  AND, I think if anybody looks up 5-5-55, they'll find that it was a Thursday, just as is 5-5-2016.
But we don't have nearly as memorable a date today.
Silly trivia, but I had to share it with somebody.  If you know anybody else who took Latin...
I don't remember that much about the '55 banquet except that Buzzy DeBaene was in Latin II and therefore one of the patricians.  I was one of his slaves.
Lord, that was a long time ago!!!!!

05/06/16 02:49 PM #4    


Carole Bird (Christopher)

More from Karen -  

"Our costumes (tunics for slaves) were blue, and I still can see the girl in a blue tunic as she showed me the bracelet.   (I didn't know her very well at all at the time and so have no idea who it was) standing against the green grass and red brick in front of what used to be the main entrance to the old school.  I was facing west, so the windows to the gym were behind me."

10/14/16 11:49 AM #5    

William Sanderson


Mathew was pretty harsh on Anatasia Island. The saint Augustine beach area was destroyed. I'm lucky i live on a small 30 home island called Island Estates inside Anastaia Island. We are eleven feet above sea level and all have newer homes better built to withstand a hurricane. I lost several trees and a shingles during the storm. My backyard had 2 feet of standing of water. I'm very fortunate compared to other communities on the island. Hope anyone else in the storms way is safe and there lives have not been harmed.




10/14/16 11:59 AM #6    


Carole Bird (Christopher)

Thanks for your update, Bill! So glad to learn you had minimal damage! 

10/16/16 01:48 PM #7    


Carole Bird (Christopher)


Ricia Kronick (Scharf)
10/16/16 11:14 AM
  Being in touch with Carole mostly, and a 58' graduate,(albeit not from RHS), but many of you may remember me. I've been living on the east coast of Florida for 56 years, and on the Beach for the last 22. WE've truly experienced MANY Hurricanes. Matthew, a huge Hurricane, category 4, as was projected, headed straight for Florida. so of course, we, who live on the lower east coast of Florida, made all the proper preparations. Shuttered up my Apartment, made sure I had plenty of batteries for my flashlights., bought lots of drinking water, non-perishable foods, and filled up my bathtub for use of flushing, (When the electricity goes out the flushing mechanism also goes out.) There was no mandatory evacuation, but My husband and I, in the past hurricanes, stayed, and it was a big mistake, as we got hit very badly with the last one that blew out our sliding glass doors, totally flooded the apt.. So, this time, (being alone), I wasn't going to take any chances. I drove a bit west to stay with a cousin. Thank goodness, this time, Miami, Hollywood,( where I live) Ft.Lauderdale, dodged the bullet(so to speak) and it blew further north. causing massive devastation in the northern east coast of Florida and Georgia , No.Carolina and above. My sister-in-law, Maxine Kronick lives in Flagler Beach, (just south of St. Augustine) totally had to evacuate, and moved into a hotel inland for 5 days., there was no electricity in the area at all, and when she moved back in, thankfully her apt. was O.K, but the beach was totally gone, and the roads A1A, torn up with deep holes, and the sand covered the roads. Thanks for listening and reading. Sorry I haven't been more in touch, OR, even attended the reunions, one never knows, G-d Willing maybe the next.

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