Reunion photos

On July 21, 2012, the IHS Class of 1987 ("The Class with Class") met at Olies for their 25th high school reunion.  Over 100 classmates came back to celebrate, reminisce, and just enjoy being together briefly for a few short hours at an old hang-out we knew very well (more like the neighboring parking lot, the Access..), O'Loughlin's.  We spent four very formative years together during the fabuluous latter half of the 1980s, and for better or for worse, those years affected the trajectory of the rest of our lives in some way.  If for no other reason but to reach into the touchstone of our past in a place we ALL at one time called home, we mark the time, we come back together, we remember..........we keep moving on.

Our 25th Reunion, 7/21/12
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20th Reunion, 6/30/07
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