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08/27/21 08:12 PM #47    

Heidi Nash

I was so hoping that I would be able to make it to our 50th, but with grandbaby #8 due at any time, other scheduling conflicts that have come up, and Covid rearing it's ugly head in many new forms; I'm not going to make it.  I look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing all the photos.  Wishing everyone my best, I'll be there in spirit.


08/28/21 10:42 AM #48    


Douglas Schulz

Dear Goddard High classmates:

Sorry, I’m not going to be able to make the 50th reunion. I hope it is a grand celebration for everyone. We should all be proud that we’ve made it this far, with most of our parts still intact. I would love to be there to share war stories with all of you. But… I’m having a hard time remembering where my car keys are, much less the shenanigans we all did together 50 years ago. But it was grand times, and I still have some very fond memories. It’s a poor consolation, but I updated my profile on the website, so if anyone is interested, at least you can find what I am up to. And I added some new updated photos. Who knows, maybe we will all get together on the 60th. My love to all of you. Schulzy

08/29/21 07:29 PM #49    


Emily Cauhape (Fluke)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and will miss those unable to attend. Many thanks to those that have made this fun event possible!



08/29/21 10:18 PM #50    


Linda Wilson (Weldon)

Thank you to the reunion committee for all of the hard work! I absolutely hate to have to withdraw from my RSVP (my first concern had to do with COVID, but a family crisis that changed everything was the deciding factor) and I will be optimistic about looking forward to the next reunion 😊

08/30/21 07:37 AM #51    


Susan (Susie) Harty (Dade)

Hope everyone is ready for a GREAT 50 th..........want to thank all our Committee for all their hard work!!!

We have had sooooooo much fun planning and getting reacquainted. We also had help form spouses and 

kids. REMEMBER..... come with your sense of humor. (you will need it and much has changed and be ready

to maybe have a little fun poked at you BUT remember WE LOVE ALL OF YOU)  Those who cannot attend will 

missed !!!!   Might need to do a 55 th instead of waiting till the 60 th.   Love to you ALL,  Susie

08/30/21 01:21 PM #52    


Adam Villa

Thanks to all of you that have worked so hard and diligently to bring about the reunion this year, can't make it year, but hopefully next. Again thank you.

Adam L. Villa

09/01/21 08:52 PM #53    


Ronald Buckner

Buck here. With covid-19 going wild in our corner of the state I have to decided not to attend the reunion. Was looking forward to seeing old friends . No pun meant. Maybe 55th. Stay safe and healthy. 

09/03/21 05:49 AM #54    


Earl (Chip) O'Neal

Thanks to the committee that put this all together.  Sorry I won't be there, but I will be thinking about all of you. Stay safe and have fun.  - Chip


09/04/21 02:29 PM #55    


Stacey O'Dell (Hunter)

Hello to all! 
I am terribly sad that I could not go to this reunion. I have been caring for my Mother who has Dementia and she recently fell and broke her femur. She is wheelchair bound for awhile (shouldn't be but she just won't try to stand or walk and she forgets she broke her leg!) I just don't have anyone to stay here with her.  She requires so much more care and supervision right now. I am the dutiful daughter. LOL. 
Devera texted me a few photos this morning and I truly enjoyed them! I will be there is spirit! Have fun everyone! Go Rockets! ❤️



09/05/21 09:44 AM #56    


Paul Holstun

Paul here. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was involved in making our 50th reunion such a great success! Lots of planning, time and work involved. Sure was nice to catch up with everyone! Looking forward to the next one..whenever that maybe. 

09/05/21 08:28 PM #57    


Ronald Buckner

Sorry I missed seeing all of you but thanks to steed I got a snapshot of it. Also my shirt. May we all stay safe and healthy for a 55th.🐐🦌 Buck<>>



09/08/21 08:14 AM #58    


Susan (Susie) Harty (Dade)

Greetings Class of '71  :)

I want to personally thank all our  50th Reunion Committee.  DANNY  for his IT Expertise.  It was a little rocky at first, right Danny but you DID it !!!!  DAVID  for his Fashion Expertise.  He designed and ordered all of our cool   tee shirts. (Janet labeled all of them)   REBA for her Decorating Expertise.  She made all the decorations for both nights (with help from her family) and took care of the Food for Friday night and our awsome Rocket cake.  BARBIE  for her OCD Oranization Expertise keeping ALL of us on Target. She took care of our Name Tags, our Memory Board of  lost Classmates and anything else I needed.  JIMI  for her Financial Expertise.  She was not able to attend but she wrote and delivered checks to all our Venues and paid all our bills. Our hope is that everyone that got to attend had an awsome time catching up and laughing a lot. We had lots of fun and lots of laughter in the planning of the 50th. Many were sad they did not get to attend so it was suggested having a 55th. Soooo  David volunteered ALL of us again!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Lord willing and the Creek don't rise (again because Saturday night Roswell streets flooded and some were not able to make our Saturday night event) we will have a 55th. SO, all of you who did NOT make this one, we expect to see you in 5 years no matter what!

LOVE, KISSES and BLESSINGS to you ALL.                                                            SUSIE (Harty) Dade

09/08/21 10:03 PM #59    


Robert Kaps

Sounds like everyone had a great time. Sorry I m,issed it. Glad to hear there will be a 55th

09/10/21 12:49 PM #60    


Mike Steed

Cynthia let me know that an attendee was diagnosed with Covid this week so, though symptomless and vaccinated I'm getting tested tomorrow. Better safe than sorry and definitely won't spread it to my grandson.

09/10/21 06:57 PM #61    


Roberta Norcross (McKELVY)

Susie, thanks for posting the photos of the reunion.  Looks like it was a wonderful time for all.  Sorry I wasn't able to attend   ...Roberta Norcross McKelvy



09/11/21 06:43 AM #62    


Douglas Schulz

Can I beg (as i did this year) that on the 55th, we do it when it is not so hot!!! Schulzy

09/12/21 05:26 PM #63    


Mike Steed

Schultz, I totally agree. Didn't go in my Kodiak rv because I didn't want to leave gen set running entire time for my Newfie (and me). 'Holiday hotel' was ok and decent price but Hera lost it due to thunder when I left her there. Lots of good people made it quite enjoyable. My off grid cabin is near Hartsel and rv in winter in Balltown. I'll try to come by and see you sometime.

09/13/21 05:33 PM #64    


Adam Villa

Hi, Adam here, thanks for the photos, seems everyone had an amazing time. Sorry I could be there. Hopefully next one I'll be there. Don't know any of you folks, but hope to come to some of you. You guys all seem like a bunch of awesome folks. God bless and keep everyone safe.

09/14/21 08:24 AM #65    


Debora Cannuli (Lewis)

I love all the photos wish I could have seen everyone. Thank you to the committee who put this all together! Take care all. Dee

09/23/21 11:48 AM #66    


Sam Murillo

Really enjoyed seeing everyone that was able to attend our 50th Reunion!  The photos are great and look forward to seeing more.  Wanted to give a special word of thanks to the committee (Susie, Barbie, Reba, Jimi, Danny and David) for putting together such a fun and memorable event for us.  For those of us who live far away, please keep up the chat on FB so we don't lose track of all of you fine people.  Hasta la banana...

09/24/21 08:09 AM #67    


Susan (Susie) Harty (Dade)

Thanks Sam !!!  It was so great to see everyone that came.  We had so much fun and wished more of our Peeps could have made it.  David is already talking about a 55th.........  Susie 

09/21/22 03:19 PM #68    


Robert E. Belt

Say'n "Howdy" from Germany...
Hope this finds everyone doing well and staying safe...
Well, it's been a year now and I suppose cause this message is long distance it just takes a bit longer for this message to arrive.
I certainly would liked to have made it to our 50th as I have for all four past reunions, but things just did work out this time around. Thanks to the whole team that put it all together I can only imagine the hard work that went into the planning, preparation and a successful presentation. One thing I got from it was the T-shirt and of course the Memory Stick that came with it... ;-)

Good Lord willing, I hope to make the next one...
Ya'll Take Care and may The Good Lord Bless
Y’er Old Class Mate Robert Belt


09/26/22 09:34 AM #69    


Douglas Schulz

Robert: those are great memories about Glenn and the bike store. Funny thing is I also got a bicycle from Glenn, but I didn’t get it until I was in college and I needed something to drive around campus. I don’t know who all was with this. What was the name of the bar and liquor store on then what was considered far north main. Will it had a fire, while we were in high school. And they had to throw out cases of liquor and beer. Glenn and somebody went up and got cases of this stuff. Then about five of us went down on a little weekend trip to Hagerman, hunting and shooting.. Very dangerous, at one point I was thrown out of the pickup truck with a loaded gun in my hand. But the best part of the story was, we were all liquored up one night, and we took all the liquor in the hot beer, and set it up on some rocks and blew it up with our shotguns. It is still a miracle that none of us got injured. But as I recall we did have some bad hangovers. Schulzy

( in Roswell, you just needed to learn how to make your own fun)  

10/21/23 10:38 AM #70    


Douglas Schulz

October 21, 2023


Dear classmates:
when I saw that there had been no postings for maybe a year, I quickly went to the “in memory” section to see if everybody had died, no, unless all the deaths haven’t been posted.

If anybody’s interested, I am still here, and for the rest of you, ( except I was always a year younger than my classmates), I finally turned 70 this year, and I also know that happened to Danny Fulkerson, because his birthdate is the same as mine. I am glad to have made that milestone. But like the rest of you, things just don’t work as well as they used to. As one of my older friends said… Our warranty has run out.

But I am still working, sometimes working as much is ever, it’s not that I need the money, it’s just the most exciting thing I can do. I still have two careers, I am a securities fraud expert witness in cases involving crooked stockbrokers and investment advisors. My other career, is that I have a finance company, and I lend money to builders and developers.

Things have not changed here much at our ranch in southern Colorado. We’ve now lived here almost 30 years, except now we are on our third set of wonderful dogs. I am still very happily married to my wonderful wife Tracy, we have been together now about 33 years.

Life is good, just as long as I don’t read the newspaper or turn on the television, because I think states is coming apart at the seams, literally.

I hope all my classmates are doing very well. The coronavirus disrupted our 50th reunion, maybe we can see each other all again at the 60th, boy, will we be a bunch of old parts.   Schulzy

01/04/24 02:56 PM #71    

Janet Barbe (Gilbert)

Heidi Nash - Thank you for posting the notice of Laura Snead Waters's death. So sorry to learn of her passing. I had wondered about her when I was unsuccessful contacting her through Facebook. She was a talented GHS band member and church organist. I know she enjoyed her years in education and lifelong love of music. She will be missed.

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