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03/28/21 08:01 AM #3196    

Mike Young

A Happy Birthday to our free-spirited Andrea. Green hair for the St. Patrick's Day Dance. Pink for Valentine's Dance. We hope that all is well with you in your corner of California. A Merry Unbirthday to everyone else.

03/28/21 01:25 PM #3197    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Andrea, (Andi). 

Looks like your business is doing well, keep up the good work. Hope all is well with you, if you get a chance, drop a note, I'm sufre we are all interested to see how you are.

Enjoy your day and many more to come. Hope your cake and ice cream are delicious,

04/02/21 12:31 PM #3198    


Tom O'Brien

Pat. another year gone and hope there will be many more to come.

Wishing you a great 2021 and nothing but the best for your family and the baby, (no not your wife).

You haven't let us know about the wonderful season in Maine. Bet the changes are spectacular.

Stay healthy, safe and awake.

Enjoy your cake and loads of ice cream.

04/02/21 07:52 PM #3199    

Mike Young

Pat, How're things up in Maine - has the snow melted yet? You've got to have some of the best scenery in the country. Have a terrific birthday!!

04/03/21 09:45 PM #3200    

Mike Young

Happy Easter, everyone!!!  Lent is over and we can get back to whatever we "gave up" (if aything).  Not biting the ears off the chocolate bunny first I believe is a venial sin.  Rob, do the Irish recognize April Fools' Day, or is that just America?

04/07/21 12:32 AM #3201    

Mike Young

Phil, I trust that you're having an enjoyable birthday and that it's as happy as can be.  You ought to bring Paula and join us this August, if not for golf, then the socializing afterwards.- we'd like to see you.

04/07/21 12:03 PM #3202    


Robert Radofski (Sullivan)

No Mike, I haven't heard an April Fool's prank in years. The Irish also don't have Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day or 4th of July, etc. Instead, they have these "Bank Holidays" that run throught the Spring and Summer. We just had one tacked on for Easter this last Monday, the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. From now on, there will be Bank Holiday Mondays at the beginning of each month, so everything is closed and the general population is off work. I asked, but no one seems to know if they are a "bank of holidays", or if the banks just close so the bankers can spend all our money. 

04/08/21 10:29 AM #3203    

Mike Young

The happiest of birthdays to the effervescent Rick Fournier.  It's not the least bit suprising that you'd have such a vivacious partner as Valerie.  Who else cpould keep up with either of you?  We hope to see the two of you this August for our reunion/golf outing.   Rob, 'tis sad that the Irish humor doesn't have an April Fool's Day as an opportunity of expression - any idea when the pubs may be opening?  I saw some "Words of Wisdom" - "The heavier you are the more difficult you are to kidnap so eat cake and stay safe".   Tom, they failed to credit you as the author.

04/08/21 11:45 AM #3204    


Tom O'Brien

Rick F.

A Happy Birthday to you and hope your feeling well. Sounds like your grand daughter is doing well and hope she keeps it up. 

Stay safe and keep up the good work around the house . 

Enjoy this year and soon we will be back to normal. If all else fails keep eating cake and ice cream and life will be sweet.


Saints and be gora, those Irish better enjoy their cake. Without an April fools Day they need to sweeten their days.

04/09/21 12:42 PM #3205    


Robert Radofski (Sullivan)

Mike,  Having no April Fool's Day doesn't hinder the Irish sense of humor a bit. They are endlessly joking, pranking, and "giving out" to each other, and tourists are fair game. The laughing only increases with each pint, the stories and fables more embelished. Total strangers approach me with rediculous jokes. Everything and everybody gets laughed at. I didn't realize until I got to Ireland how somber I was, and now I can't believe how often and how much I laugh at, especially myself.

04/10/21 10:44 AM #3206    


Rick Fournier

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  Spent a wonderful day with Val in the car driving to Florida.  Visiting my brother in law then my sister Lynn then on to our daughter in South Carolina to welcome our newest granddaughter on April 28.  That makes number 9.  Joy abounds, God is good.

04/12/21 10:07 AM #3207    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday Cheryl!!  We hope to see you and Bob (and that sweet putting stroke) this August at our Reunion/Golf outing.  Happy Birthday to you, too Jean Stariha, always so quiet with a shy smile.  Rob, thanks for the Vocabulary expansion.  Yoiks!!!  I'm glad that you recognize yourself as such a font for humor.  (Or is that "humour"?)  We are, ourselves probably the greatest source for humor (and we get the "inside" jokes, too!!).

04/12/21 12:43 PM #3208    


Tom O'Brien

Jean and Cheryl,

The happiest of days for both of you. wishing the best and safest not just for today but everyday. stay safe, healthy and smart.

The smartest thing today is eat plenty of cake and ice cream.

Enjoy today and evryday.

04/21/21 09:09 AM #3209    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Jim McGauley - may your day be a special as you are.  I always marvelled at you diligence, but even moreso at you unfailing kindness and compassion to all.  I hope that all is well for you and those you love, Jim. 

04/21/21 11:59 AM #3210    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to President Jim.

May your day be happy and enjoyable. Enjoy everything and spend it with your loved ones.

Stay safe and best wishes for more to come.

Remember, even though it's not all that good for you, for one day a year be sure to get that cake and ice cream and splurge.



04/22/21 08:34 AM #3211    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Dave.  I hope the snow melts before the day is done and that you are visited by Zoe and the rest of your clan.  Is Tylenol still your friend?  Have you extended your "circle of friends"?  Hope to see you and Barb this August at our Reunion/Golf outing.

04/22/21 11:46 AM #3212    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Dave,

I still remember our visit and lunch with Barabara and yourself at Ruby's. Truly enjoyable.

I hope your day and upcoming year are the best ever. Enjoy and make sure the cake and ice cream flow freely.

04/24/21 09:01 AM #3213    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Dick Brown, always so soft spoken and a heckuva catcher.  We hope to have you and Kathy enhance our Reunion/Golf outing this August.  The best to you both.  And a Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us.  Tom Hughes, it'll be a treat to see you too - I'll be glad to treat you to a beverage of your choice.

04/24/21 10:22 AM #3214    

David Unger

Thanks for the birthday wishes. We had a really great time with the grls and zoe.  Sunday, we will be celebrating Barbara's birthday.  Two in one week. 

 This past week was lots of "fun".  My computer has had one leg in the grave for awhile.  I have been looking for a replacement but they are few and far between.  I located one at Staples online, but the online description didn't answer all my questions.  So I went to the store.  Now new computers only come with enough Windows programs to get the screen to light up.  You have to buy anything else you want.  Staples did handle the transfer of information to the new computer.  

The files and folders made it ok.  The next morning, I found out that the printer driver did not get transfered.  OK, that is just a simple reinstall.  I put all my computer skills on the job.  4 hours later, blind luck led me to the steps I had to use and I finally was able to print.  I am still trying to turn off all the added programs that Windows wants me to buy and install.  It is a good thing that I don't have to go to work, otherwise it might be a long time before this computer is actually ready to use.  

Looking forward to August and seeing everyone again, especially the new names that are showing up here.  A lot of catching up to do.

04/24/21 10:59 PM #3215    


Tom O'Brien

Happy late Birthday to Dick Brown.

It's 8:00 pm here and I am finally checking emails.

I hope your day was good and your doing well. I still think about some of the games we played at Shrine and you were one of the better back stops I threw to. I would love to go back to those days for many reasons.

Say hi to Kathy and stay well and safe.

I hope the cake and ice cream were good.

04/27/21 07:57 AM #3216    


Judy Schoen (Grewe)

Happy Birthdays to all the April's including Mary Jo and Marieda upcoming!  It's been an eventful April ! Spent a few days in Panama City Beach using a Vrbo credit from last April for granddaughter's wedding they no one could attend except witnesses when the Church closed and celebration cancelled ! The house was wonderful ,a block from the beach, and it rained the entire time !  It was too cold for the pool but we had fun anyway visiting the bride and husband, as they anticipated the birth of their baby girl !  They are an interesting couple both work for the government and are on special assignment with the Navy ( thus PCB location) teaching germ warfare protocol to first responders and they are my go to advisors on COVID !  I hope they aren't using that as their cover.....and not assassins!  And another April Birthday,  Ivah Frances (great grandmothers names) arrived Sunday ! That makes 3 great grands and 2 more on the way !  

04/30/21 08:39 AM #3217    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Mary Jo, I hope your day is full of warm weather, good company, peace and serenity.  You said that you don't visit this site often enough - I agree.  Share some of your thoughts, feelings and what's going on with you.  Those WWII novels you're reading - are they historical or merely have an historical setting?  We hope to see your smiling face and Bill's this August.

Happy Birthday to you, too, Marieda.  (At least I spelled your name correctly this year.)  I recall sitting next to you in Latin and, I believe, algebra my first 2 classes at Shrine.  You were always so pleasant to me which I still remember all these years later.  Still appreciate your kindness, and humor.  It would be good to see you this August at our Reunion/Golf outing this August.

04/30/21 12:18 PM #3218    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday Marieda and Mary Jo, the M & M girls.

May your day be filled with joy and love with family and freinds. 

Hope everyone in your familie's are well and healthy.

Be sure to enjoy that cake and ice cream and may your wish come true.

05/08/21 11:45 AM #3219    


Tom O'Brien

Happy Birthday to smiley, Mary Lou.

Wishes for a wonderful, happy day and a great weekend for Mothers Day.

Enjoy your cake and ice cream with the family and wishes for many more to come,

Stay safe and enjoy.

05/08/21 03:01 PM #3220    

Mike Young

Happy Birthday, Mary Lou, may you have as much sunshine come to you as you spread to the rest of us.  May you curl to the bullseye and drop more birdie putts.

A Merry Unbirthday to the rest of us and many thanks, Lucia, for helping me reconnect.

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